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Paris 2024 – The Hungarian women’s basketball team wears its fourth hat before the qualifying draw

Paris 2024 – The Hungarian women’s basketball team wears its fourth hat before the qualifying draw

The International Federation (FIBA) classified the 16 qualifying teams scheduled for next February into four groups, and placed the Hungarians, who finished fourth in the European Championship last June, in fourth place alongside Senegal, New Zealand and Germany.

The four-team tournament will be hosted by Sopron, Antwerp and Belem in Brazil and Heszian in China, and the national team, led by national team captain Norbert Szekely, will play in Sopron between February 8 and 11.

During Thursday’s draw, FIBA ​​will take several principles into account. France and the United States, which already have a quota, will participate in the qualifiers, but cannot be in the same qualifiers. In addition, at least one and a maximum of two European teams must be on the court for each tournament, namely China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and two African national teams cannot be drawn for the same tournament – FIBA. He wants to ensure that all regions in the tournament are represented at the Olympics. Additionally, each tournament must include a team from the Americas.

In addition to the Hungarians, there are 13 other teams in the 16-team qualifier: the United States (world champion), Belgium, Spain, France, Serbia and Germany (the best in the European Championship), China, Japan and Australia. New Zealand (best Asian championship), Brazil (best American championship), Nigeria and Senegal (best African championship). They will be joined by two teams from the US qualifiers scheduled for November.

The Hungarian Federation has already listed potential competitors on its website. Therefore, the Hungarians cannot remove China from the top hat, because it is the organizer of the tournament, and neither can the Americans. Belgium and Brazil were eliminated from the second round as managers. The United States is eliminated from the first because of the second hat, because if the Americans were tied with the Hungarians, they would have to take either France out of the second hat, which cannot be placed in the same group with the United States, or the first place in the American Olympic qualifiers, which cannot be placed Also in a tournament with the USA, because then not every group will get an American team. Nigeria will be eliminated from the third round because it will be in the same group with Senegal. Accordingly, Hungarians can face the following opponents:
Hat 1: Australia, Spain
Cap 2: America-1, France
Hat 3: Japan, Serbia, America -2

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Three teams from the quartet will be able to travel to Paris. Among the groups containing the French and Americans, the two best teams next to them will receive a share.

The Hungarian women’s national team has participated in the Olympic Games once so far, in 1980, finishing fourth in Moscow.

M4 Sport will broadcast the draw in the Museum District of Sopron on Thursday at 7:30pm live.

Lottery Caps:

Hat 1: United States, China, Australia, Spain.
Cap 2: USA Qualifiers 1, Belgium, France, Brazil.
Cap 3: Japan, Serbia, Nigeria, USA Qualifiers 2.
Fourth hat: Hungary, Senegal, New Zealand, Germany


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