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'Parasyte: The Gray' takes first place globally on Netflix, overtaking 'Queen of Tears' within 3 days of release

'Parasyte: The Gray' takes first place globally on Netflix, overtaking 'Queen of Tears' within 3 days of release

Netflix“latest series”Parasite: greyIt rose to the top of the global charts, amassing 6.3 million views within just three days of its debut on April 5 KST. The thrilling sci-fi drama took first place in the Non-English TV Series category on Netflix, dominating eight countries including Korea, Peru, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and ranked in the top 10 in 68 countries around the world, with Japan taking fifth place.

“Parasyte: The Gray” delves into the terrifying narrative of parasites infiltrating human families to expand their dominance, while a specialized team known as “The Gray” seeks to thwart their evil agenda. Led by the excellent performance of Jeon So Ni, Ko Kyu HwanLee Jong Hyun, Kwon Hye HyoAnd Kim In KwonThe series explores themes of coexistence amidst the conflict between humanity and parasitic organisms.

Based on Hitoshi Iwaki“famous manga”Parasite“, which has captivated audiences around the world with its profound exploration of coexistence and control, the adaptation seamlessly integrates the Korean background into the narrative. The series has won acclaim for its stunning visual effects, thrilling action sequences, and thought-provoking messages.

while, tvN's'Queen of tears', starring Kim So Hyun and Kim Ji Won, fell to second place after topping the charts last week. Despite recording 4.3 million views from April 1 to 7 and maintaining its popularity in countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, the show faces stiff competition from “Parasyte: The Grey.” However, “Queen of Tears” continues to captivate audiences, achieving rave reviews and objective results, sparking anticipation for its future success.

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