Paralympics 2020: 1 day, 2 Hungarian medals in Tokyo

Paralympics 2020: 1 day, 2 Hungarian medals in Tokyo

The Hungarian team won a silver and a bronze medal on the fourth day of the Tokyo Paralympics, which achieved other excellent results in addition to the medals.

Richárd Osváth came out in the final after five series wins, winning a silver medal (Photo: Bence Szabó/MTI/MPB)

Although the day started well, if we only look at the Hungarian results, table tennis player Alexa Szvitacs won a bronze medal, thanks to the defeat, as Li From Na Lei, who still won two silvers as Lej Lina in Rio. Paralympic Games and moved to Melbourne only in 2017. In vain, Asian dominance not only spreads untouched, but also parachutes.

Paralimari Diaries: Tokyo Jungle
At the end of the race day my taxi driver hadn’t really found the first place to take, but in the second round he reassured me not to worry, he now knows where I’m going. But since the street we’re standing on is one way and our hotel is a hundred yards behind us, he doesn’t feel like driving another round around the building, so I wouldn’t go out and walk. He convinced me to believe the hotel would be there. I said I believe him, no problem with that, but there’s no money for me to get out of the car in central Tokyo now just because he told me I’m supposed to be there at the hotel where I live. There are three simple reasons for this: I don’t know central Tokyo at all (not the suburbs at all), I don’t know Japanese/punctuation, and I don’t have internet, which in short means I’ll lose enough once and go on a survival tour from there in sixteenth century. Best. I was convinced, let’s say the other matter, that we went on a tour and the hotel was really where he said it was.

Peter Paul struggled again, this time beating France’s Lucas Kring 3:2 and reaching the final, where he could take on Australian Samuel Philipp von Enem for the second Paralympic gold of his career on Sunday.

On the fourth day of the competition, our wheelchair wrestlers achieved even greater results, especially Richard Osvath, who seems to have caught himself after planning in vain, not winning a medal in the singles sword on the first day of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, and was knocked out in the quarter-finals . Although he started with a dagger race, he has won five consecutive times since, reaching the finals, where he no longer had the flawless Chinese Sun Kang. But his defeat at 15:7 meant he won the third Paralympic silver medal of his career, as well as the Hungarian delegation’s fourth medal after gold, silver and bronze.

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On Saturday, the two days were particularly strong from a Hungarian point of view, and Luka Ekler was supposed to be five centuries in the flat 100 metres.

Interview with Richard Osvath, Paralympian Silver Winner

Was your opponent strong in the final?
– The Chinese, who work at a different speed from the Europeans, are very dynamic and do not make mistakes. This rhythm is hard to pick up, I need a lot of time to get used to it, which is not very successful at the moment. In the quarter-finals, I didn’t feel the speed in front of the Italian as he started and attacked, in the end I had to take risks, I endured more, I was confused. However, in the final it did not work out either, I traded three daggers, tried everything to break its momentum, but it did not shock me.

Richárd Osváth redeemed himself for the sword (Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI)

“How heavier was the burden than in Rio?”
– I fought with him in the semi-finals five years ago, and then I won him, but he made other mistakes too, and then I could use them, I’ve had that day. Furthermore, in Rio, I actually won a silver medal in front of him with a sword, which gave me a boost, so I fought more relaxed. Now I didn’t have a coin in the single sword, I grabbed it to get between the four, which is what I’ve been thinking about quite a bit for the past few days. The burden on a person’s soul is that if you don’t fight the way you should and you have another race where you have to perform, you shouldn’t make a mistake.

– Did you feel you should win a medal?
– Yes, that’s why I came, that was my wish. I’m much happier now because if someone said I’d get a silver in the morning, I would have answered that super, best score. It’s a tough race, really different from the European Championship, the World Cup or the World Cup. The field is dense, everyone trains more, everyone is better prepared, and everyone really wants to win. You really can’t go wrong here.

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Peter Paulus, the Ultimate Table Tennis Player for the Disabled: “In front of the Frenchman after the fourth set, I gave up a bit in my soul because I had a hard time recognizing his technique. In the end it all came together, although I don’t even know how I could. I felt reassured that in the final set I accepted, I would be a bronze medalist.” He gave new strength and managed to pull in the match. I am inhumanly tired, but tomorrow he is already in the final, and then we will see who is the best.

Peter Palos can prepare for the final (Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI)

SZVITACS Alexa Paralympics Table Tennis Player Bronze Medal: “I wanted to finish the third set quickly after two zeros, and here the match turned. After that, I could no longer play my game. I am very happy with my bronze, but I also have a great sense of inferiority. There is nothing to do, I learn from my mistakes and in three years, I will try to deliver Better performance in Paris.

Alexa Szvetas won a bronze medal (Image: Reuters)

Fourth place at the Paralympics Echler Luca: “When I saw the stadium and the lights and then my name on the screen, the chill shook. I was expecting more from myself, a medal, but I wasn’t disappointed. It was a Colombian surprise, we hadn’t competed with him before, so we didn’t know what to expect. My German opponent was also in for a treat. Very good, looking from here, 4th is good. The long jump is my main number, it was good to warm up, I ran out. I mainly need to improve in the beginning, which got weaker because of my hand, now my sprinter could have been better.

Éva HAJMÁSI Wheelchair Fencing for the Disabled in 4th Place: “I couldn’t be complacent, I came to win again and ended up with Saif in 4th place. The Chinese girl is very fast, skilled and accurate, but I had it all in one, I was able to focus all the way. I drove to 14 -13 Then two inks came quickly, in vain I focused. It’s hard to say at this time, the team is still coming, but I don’t dare say anything anymore, because I always think of the shining medal. It’s always hard to slip off a podium Coronation, that hasn’t been digested yet.

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Paralympia 2020
Saturday results
Wheelchair fence. Single dagger, Class A. Paralympic champion:
Sun Kang (China), 2 – Osfaat Richard (Hungary). finals: Sun Kang – Osvath Richard (Hungary) 15:7
Table Tennis. The semi-finals. S11: Pal Peter (Hungarian) –Lucas Crigen (France) 3:2 (12, -9, 10, -9, 11), Paul reached the finals
Paracyclic. B 1. 1000 meters time for trial. Lead: Neil Fachy (Great Britain, assisted by Matthew Rotherham) 58.038, … 9. Oselka Robert (Hungary, assisted by Gergeli Nagy) 1: 12.388
swimming. S6. 100 m chest. Lead: Yevni Bohodakko (Ukraine) 1: 20.13. Qualifiers: … 13. Ivan Pence (Hungarian) 1: 28.54, did not reach the final
Wheelchair fence. Single dagger, Class A. Lead:
Ko Haji-Jin (China). Hungarian results. the third place: Qingjong (China) –Eva Hajmasi (Hungary) 15:14, Hajmasi ranked fourth. Quarter-finals: Eva Hajmasi – Zsuzsanna Krajnyák 15:4. Class B. Lead: Beatrice Vio (Italy). Hungarian results. Quarter-finals: Zhou Jing (Chinese) –Feld Poglarka (Hungarian) 15:11
Table Tennis. The semi-finals. S9: Li Na Li (Australia) –Alexa Szvitacs (Hungarian) 3:2 (–12, -11, 5, 8, 6), the Szvitacs won a bronze medal
Paramatman. T38. 100m, lead: Sophie Hahn (Great Britain) 12.43, … 4. Eclair Kuka (Hungary) 12.82
swimming. 100 m chest. S6. Lead: Maisie Summers-Newton (Great Britain) 1:32.34, … 7. Drey Evelyn (Hungary) 1:41. 100m fast. S10. Lead: O’Reilly River (Canada) 58.14, … 4. Pap Bianka (Hungary) 1:00.80

Sunday program for Hungarians
erőemelés, 88 kg (Sedric Watchou)
10:45: Table Tennis Semi-Final, Final (Peter Ballos)
Paratriathlon (Levi Petra)
3.39: Swimming: 100m breaststroke (Ellis Fannie)
4.04: Skydiving 4 x 100m Relay (34 pts) Preliminary Rounds (Hungary)
4.30: Wheelchair duel, dagger team, team matches (Hungary)
10.30: Wheelchair duel, dagger team, bronze and final match
11.45: Swimming, 100m breaststroke, final (Ellis Fannie)
12.32: Paragliding, 4x100m rapid relay (34 point team), final
Para 100m backstroke (Zofia concoli)

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