Parade of Americans, Russians and French

Parade of Americans, Russians and French

In team sports, the national teams of the United States, Russia and France have been performing in Tokyo so far. The former nation has reached at least semi-finals in nine sports and the latter in seven sports.

The French can choose men’s basketball with the Americans, for example (Photo: AFP)

In Tokyo, they compete in 10-ball team sports (3×3 basketball, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, handball, turf, weekly rugby, beach volleyball, volleyball, and water polo) and get what they don’t Less than twenty gold medals – resulting in eight over the past week and a half fights.

the most successful is United States of America The squad overcame hurdles: they were among the four in a total of nine sports. France And Russia – Although we could not officially call their national team in this way, so: the Russian national team – their teams reached the top four in seven competitions.

Behind them, the gap is relatively large, as Serbs (!), Brazilians and hosts Japanese completed a fantastical podium with at least four teams in the semi-finals.

Interestingly: although the Chinese outperformed on the medal table, they had only one semi-final in team sports, they won bronze medals in women’s 3×3 basketball.

32 countries participate in the semi-final eighty. Hungary With two jersey teams – both teams can play for bronze – on the roster.

Tokyo 2020
At least final teams

United States 9
Russian national team, France 7-7
Japan, Spain and Serbia 4-4
Latvia, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Great Britain 3-3
Belgium, Mexico, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, India, Fiji, Hungary 2-2
China, Canada, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, Qatar, Norway, Denmark, Egypt, Netherlands, Germany, Greece 1-1

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