Parade of Americans, Russians and French

In team sports, the national teams of the United States, Russia and France are putting in a great performance in Tokyo so far. The former nation has reached at least the semi-finals in nine sports and the latter in seven sports.

The French can choose men’s basketball with the Americans, for example (Photo: AFP)

In Tokyo, they compete in 10-ball team sports (3×3 basketball, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, handball, turf, weekly rugby, beach volleyball, volleyball, and water polo) and get what they don’t Less than twenty gold medals – resulting in eight over the past week and a half fights.

the most successful is United States of America The squad overcame hurdles: they were among the four in a total of nine sports. France And Russia – Although we could not officially call their national team in this way, so: the Russian national team – their teams reached the top four in seven competitions.

Behind them, the gap is relatively large, as Serbs (!), Brazilians and hosts Japanese completed a fantastical podium with at least four teams in the semi-finals.

Interestingly: although the Chinese outperformed on the medal table, they had only one semi-final in team sports, they won bronze medals in women’s 3×3 basketball.

32 countries participate in the semi-final eighty. Hungary With both jerseys teams – both teams can play for bronze – included in the list.

Tokyo 2020
At least final teams

United States 9
Russian national team, France 7-7
Japan, Spain and Serbia 4-4
Latvia, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Great Britain 3-3
Belgium, Mexico, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, India, Fiji, Hungary 2-2
China, Canada, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, Qatar, Norway, Denmark, Egypt, Netherlands, Germany, Greece 1-1

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