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Palm trees, Mediterranean fruits and plants dot the Tiveli hillside

Palm trees, Mediterranean fruits and plants dot the Tiveli hillside

Jan Balint is an amateur gardener who knows meteorology, is interested in tourism and agriculture, but nature photography is not far from him either.

– The original idea was born six years ago during a trip to Italy, where I really liked palm trees and different Mediterranean plants – Balint recalls, then added: I have been interested in this Mediterranean line since I was young, but my travels in… Southern Europe really confirmed this. Five years ago, I thought big and planted the first seventy fig trees, about fifteen varieties, to see which varieties were worth working on in the future. I planted and cared for all the plants in the garden myself, and they have now grown well.

The initial idea must have already grown, because in the garden there are not only more than a hundred trees and forty species of figs, but several species of persimmons turning yellow and several species of pomegranates turning red, surrounded among rows of lavenders and vines.

– I researched exactly what I needed to be able to grow figs, for example, and the place where I envisioned the garden turned out to be perfectly suitable for this purpose. We’re talking about a hilltop 210 meters high, below which lies a valley 100 meters deep. The special feature of the place is that the hail actually flows down from the top of the hill and the temperature never drops below fifteen degrees below zero, which is very convenient for the figs, as they are frost-resistant up to this point. I selected plants from Italian and French websites and foreign news portals. There are another five hundred trees in an area of ​​one and a half hectares.

In Hungary, although this is not the first attempt of this kind – for example, the fig plantation in the Šalaj orchard has an area of ​​seven hectares – it can certainly be said that it is unique in the region, and in addition, people interested in it have This year’s fig harvest came from almost all parts of the country. Figs have almost no pests or diseases here, so they do not need regular plant protection.

In addition to fruits, Chinese hemp palms, yucca, linander, cycads and olive trees are also common in the Tevel Oasis.

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