Pallient Buttond: The left "intellectuals" did not support science even during the pandemic

Pallient Buttond: The left “intellectuals” did not support science even during the pandemic

One who rebels against common sense because of an ideology is not educated.

“We live in a world where vaccine-based prevention has been one of the biggest success stories in decades. It can also be said in Europe that millions of people are alive simply because they received their vaccinations on time. Equipping the immune system with vaccines for potential infections is one of the greatest success stories. In Western science. We have literally tens of billions of vaccines with unique expertise. The consensus opinion of the experts was that the available vaccines would be technologically safe and more likely to be effective. And even then, at the height of the third wave, liberal Hungarian intellectuals did not support the vaccination campaign. Millions of people who believed them – and thanks to irresponsible social media owners – other mental patients lurk on the net that vaccines are more dangerous than the virus. Even then, liberal intellectuals were only politicized, surrounded by dictatorship, serving the interests of some Western manufacturers in the economic war. Among vaccine manufacturers.

Hungarian left intellectuals attempted to create an atmosphere that did not create an adequate framework for defense, but only served the political interests of opposition parties. It follows that these people are not Hungarian intellectuals, nor are they really intellectuals. He who rebels against common sense due to an ideology, and who is also willing to forget scientific facts for political reasons, is not a thinker. It’s a pitiful flu that sells its views for money. It is not that they were wrong, but that they knew exactly: they do not tell the truth about matters of human life. This is true even if they mean “honestly” that the government was lying. Because in the meantime, they also faced their own scientific view of the world. Just as globalization was immediately considered less beneficial with regard to issues of vaccine production when it became apparent that effective vaccines could be taken from the East. These people have defined Hungarian public discourse over the past 30 years as well. It’d be a great time to finally forget them. ”

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