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Paleontologist Barnabas Gezi has passed away

The first ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to work in Israel

Barnabas Gyzy was born in Dobuz, Vieques province on August 21, 1925. After his secondary education, in 1943 he entered the Department of Geography and History at Peter Bazmani University in Budapest, where he received a high school diploma in 1947. He then took a job as a faculty member in the Department of Paleontology. at the university.

He worked as an assistant professor from 1954, from 1964 as a university associate professor, and in 1967 he was appointed as a university professor. In 1973, he was assigned to direct the Department of Paleontology, where he retired in 1995, and then was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus for a year. Between 1982 and 1983, he was a visiting professor at the Curie University in Paris (Sorbonne VI).

In 1960, he defended his candidate’s thesis on earth sciences, and in 1966 he defended his academic doctoral thesis. He was elected a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1993, and a full member in 1998. He was the Hungarian representative of the International Paleontological Federation. Between 1966 and 1969 and 1981 to 1986, he also served as Vice President of the Hungarian Geological Society.

He created permanent works in the field of ammonite research from the Jurassic period, the most important of which – as well as a large number of short publications – Ammonoides Jurassiques de Csernye, Montagne Bakony and Hongrie (1966-1967) and Les Ammonitines du Carixien de la Montagne du Bakony (1976) ). study. These works are fundamental and indispensable works of the Mediterranean region, and because of their vital class links, they are works well known throughout the world.

He is credited with the mono-treatment of Jurassic ammonites in the Tűzköves Trench in Bakonycernye, which made it possible to describe many new genera and species. During his research, he used the methods of plate tectonics. During the reconstruction of the ancient geographical situation in the Jurassic period, he achieved pioneering results in reconstructing the development history of the Carpathian-Bannon Basin region with the help of comparative examination of the ammonite fauna.

Barnabás Géczy was at the forefront of the domestic application of plate tectonics theory. Dozens of treatises were published in which he outlined his entirely new and later verified ideas on the links between evolution, geologists, paleogeography, and plate tectonics.

In recognition of his scientific achievements, he was awarded the Hantken Miksa Memorial Medal in 1963 and 1978, the Academic Prize in 1994, and the Széchenyi Prize in the same year for his internationally recognized achievements in research on Jurassic ammonia, as well as for his activities in establishing the school in placing paleontology education on a new foundation. . In 1997, he was awarded the Joseph Szabo Memorial Medal.

Barnabas Gezi’s funeral will be arranged at a later time.


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