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PAFC: One point Grooves won’t be happy in front of singles

With a good match, there is a chance of a good result at Ferencvaros’ house, says Felixo’s coach Zollt Hornik, who is confident that the opening time of the tournament is not yet right,

Zsolt Hornyák (left) travels with his team to Üllői t in hopes of victory (Photo: Károly Árvai, Archive)


As a coach, this will be his third match at the Groupama Arena …
“Yes, it really is,” Zollt Horjack, Technical Director of the Puskas Academy, told our magazine. – The biggest difference between the two games played so far was that the first match was still encouraging on the field, but the second was not, but the two games were similar as we played a good match against the strong Ferencvaros both times.

Ferencváros scored the most goals and scored the fewest on the field, which is not a favorable starting point for the opponent.
I’ll be honest: It doesn’t matter. We respect individual, we prepare our team to play offensive football. We are not looking at how many goals our competitor has scored or scored, we are focusing more on achieving our goal with correct behavior.

– In the current season only DVTK have been able to win as a guest of The Greens and Whites. Do you think your team can do similar work?
I watched that match on TV, and without wanting to underestimate Diosger’s merits, I must say he was lucky to win – because Ferencvaros was dominating the whole time. For us, winning is always our goal, and if we play well on Saturday, we have a chance to score well. If the soccer ball goes, anything can get out of it.

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Six teams, MTK Budapest – twice separately – Mol Fehérvár, Kisvárda Master Good, Mezőkövesd Zsóry, ZTE and Puskás Academy all managed to draw against the leader of the list. Will you sign this point in advance?
no never! It is possible after the match that one accepts a draw, but not in advance. We also want to beat lli út, and if we play as we know we have a chance. Maybe after the meeting I would have my opinion, there was nothing more in these ninety minutes because we didn’t get our best match, however, if we were fine tactically then we could have a positive result for us.

Have you ever participated in a match after which your opponent could celebrate the league title?
– I was still playing in the Slovak championship, when Kosice was preparing to celebrate a few rounds before the end of the tournament, but we were defeated twice to zero, so I became a gold medal later. As a coach, I had an experience when my team became champion in Armenia before the last round – it clearly didn’t feel bad. I would be happy if we were settled in Ferencváros’s house, we were playing football well, and when our opponent celebrated, I would leave it to him, but the goal is not to do it on Saturday.

– In the spring, Puskas Academy won nine of the eleven champions, repeatedly praising the players’ position. Suppose all of the tire members want to be there on Saturday at the beginning of the eleven.
Only an unnatural person does not want to play in a match like this! Some soccer players care about minor injuries and then it just turns out to me in Friday training that I can count on. One thing is for sure: to feel all the members of the frame, against a good side like Ferencvaros, is a challenge and a drive to play.

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– Are you counting? How many points do I need to win the silver medal?
“In the situation we are in, we might be able to put up with it, but I will never depend on it.” It’s important that we keep our stability so far, and if that’s the case, we have a chance to win second place. I’m glad we are doing well, and our staff and I are working to maintain it until the end of the season.

Note 1, 2020-2021, Round 28
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Friday, April 9
20.00: Mezőkövesd – Kisvarda (Tv: M4 Sport) MezőkövesdAnd City stadium
Saturday 10 April
14.45: MTK Budapest – Budafoki MTE (Tv: M4 Sport) Budapest, New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium
17.00: Mol Fehérvár FC – Újpest FC (Tv: M4 Sport) Sikisphirvar, Arena Salt Lake Mall
19.30: Ferencváros TC – Puskas Academy (Tv: M4 Sport) BudapestAnd Groupama Arena
Sunday 11 April
14.30: DVTK – Baxi FC (Tv: M4 Sport) MiskolcAnd DVTK Stadium
17.00: ZTE FC – Budapest Honved (Tv: M4 Sport) Zalaegerszeg, ZTE Arena
All matches are closed goalkeepers.
Note: the scorers’ list is here!
the work
1. Ferencváros TC 27 19 7 1 59-18 +41 64
2. Venice Academy 27 16 3 8 39-31 +8 51
3. Fahirvar Mall 27 11 8 8 50-32 +18 41
4. MTK Budapest 27 10 8 9 39-36 +3 38
5. Mesocovised 27 10 8 9 31–34 –3 38
6. Paks FC 27 10 7 10 55-53 +2 37
7. Újpest FC 27 10 5 12 37-53 – 16 35
8. Kesvarda 27 9 8 10 23–34 – 11 35
9. Budapest Honved 27 7 9 11 39-39 0 30
10. Zalaegerszeg TE 27 8 5 14 44-50 –6 29
11. Budafoki MTE 27 7 5 15th 31-52 –21 26
12. Diósgyőr VTK 27 6 5 16 28-43 -15th 23
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