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Overwatch 2 – Revealing the new hero Mauga

Overwatch 2 – Revealing the new hero Mauga

The first announcement at BlizzCon was about Overwatch 2’s new hero, Mauga. The tank from Samoa can handle two massive railguns and can also heal itself if it takes heavy damage.

Although Nintendo’s eShop had unveiled the new playable characters for Overwatch 2 earlier in the afternoon, the official announcement was made at BlizzCon. Mauga will enter the multiplayer game with Season 8, however, due to the developers’ party in California, it will be free-to-play for everyone this weekend.

By the way, the Moga hails from Samoa and is designed to neutralize opponents up close with its massive electromagnetic cannons. And with the chargeable Override ability, you can easily break through the enemy’s front line, as well as summon an aura of damage resistance around you, or even surround the opponent.

The new hero will certainly become active in Season 8 starting on December 5.

Blizzard has revealed what new content will be added to its shooter in the coming months. Season 10 will feature a Damage hero named Venture, while Season 12 will feature a support called Space Ranger. A new PvP mode, Clash, has been announced, in which five points will be distributed on the map in a row. Each match begins with the capture of the middle point. If this is achieved, the opponent will be returned to one checkpoint. The goal is to get up to five control points or for our team to win more points.

Alongside Clash, there’s also a new map, Hanaoka, which will be a remaster of the classic Overwatch tournament Hanamura. In addition, at the beginning of 2024, the game’s competitive system will be significantly changed, promising new competitive rewards and stronger themes for the following seasons. There will be eldritch horror, Egyptian mythology, witches, and a “mirror universe” in which evil and good heroes swap roles.

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