Over a thousand titles can already be played on Steam Deck

Over a thousand titles can already be played on Steam Deck

The list of supported games available on the Valve portable console has been expanded.

Steam Deck has enjoyed uninterrupted success since February, with so many orders coming in for the device despite a global shortage of chips that the manufacturer has failed to deliver consoles to users.

It’s been over a week since its release, and previous fears that there won’t be enough gameplay for the device seem to have died down. Since it doubled in less than a month The number of creations compatible with the device.

The steam Although the exact number was not written in the latest report, it is based on data recorded in the Steam Deck Verified database, and there are currently 1,057 games available on the platform, of which 559 have already been officially tested and 498 are in play.

The difference between censored and playable games is mainly due to the fact that in the case of previous games, the The valve ensures that it operates smoothly on the consoleWhile the latter does not always provide constant frames per second, the situation will certainly improve in the near future.

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