Over 60 English stuck in a mountain pub for the weekend, but they had a great time

Over 60 English stuck in a mountain pub for the weekend, but they had a great time

Dozens were stranded for three nights in the highest pub in the UK by a snowstorm. However, guests were not bored, from the Snowman Building to the concerts of the Oasis Processing Band.

Founded in the 17th century, Tan Hill Inn is located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and although it’s Britain’s tallest inn, it’s not particularly high: 528 meters above sea level. However, there was still such a heavy snow storm in the area last weekend that the roads to the pub became impassable and power lines in the area were cut.

61 guests had to spend the weekend on the hill from Friday evening onwards. However, according to manager Nicola Townsend, the mood was not bad, as there were also members of an Oasis therapist band called Noasis at the pub, who greeted others with concerts.

Speaking to the BBC, Townsend said the band performed for the first time on Friday night, but that was still planned – most of the guests had just arrived at the hostel for the concert. He then played in several rooms at the Tan Hill Inn to delight the Nawassi, a British pop-music crowd. The bar staff also organized movie screenings, quizzes, and karaoke nights for guests stuck on the mountain, and people built snowmen and a sleigh outside.

Roads were finally cleared on Monday so everyone could go home. Townsend told a Euronews staff member that they had a good time with guests over the weekend, and that there were those who would have liked to stay. And while this sounds a bit familiar, many of them have established close friendships with close peers whom they would like to meet around the same time next year.

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