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Outriders First Impressions – Tutorial / Audition

Outriders First Impressions - Tutorial / Audition

Description / test

Did the People Can Fly Team succeed, which BioWare and Crystal Dynamics did not?

07/04/2021 15:40 | By Zoo_Lee | Description / test

“How surprised would I be if this was just another boring grind party?” – Ideas like this and the like swirled in my head when the new shooter was born with a collaboration between People Can Fly and Square Enix, Outriders About forty GB downloaded to my hard disk. Let’s be honest: In recent years, the genre, with some ornate exceptions, has mostly become an illustration of poor game design and greedy game publishers. The National anthemIt is fully released by EA and the major upgrade already planned will not materialize, while Square Marvel’s AvengersWith a bigger DLC, try to save it for less, by doing a slower and more difficult fix with the fix.

Outriders first impressions

But to my sincere surprise, it is Outriders (At least based on the first 5-6 hours of gameplay) brilliantly maneuvers hand in hand with these maneuvers, thanks to a very simple developer decision: trying to be basically a fun and addicting shooting game, then only after that shooter, and only as last resort For ongoing expansions and updates focused on address live service. And it seems that this mindset was enough in the early days after its launch to exceed Square expectations and be one of the biggest AAA bumps of the year so far (which may have contributed to the fact that both Xbox Game Passon consoles and cloud-based xCloudon became part of a subscription. Release day, and with a free demo, those interested can try it long before the release).

In style OutridersIt is mostly developed by PCF Gears of War: Judgment It can be described as its intellectual heir: Although it is essentially a TPS, referee-style shooter, in which the developers have put together and change the already successful three-part GoW formula, a number of combat factors emerge that require a significantly more dynamic style of play. Often we have to change cover, dodge grenades, or focus on opponents that are larger in shooting intensity, who are specially kneaded for melee combat. This is reinforced by the battlefields themselves, most of which are clearly open and offer a number of covers and backlash options, through which players who specialize in long-range, medium-range and short-range combat can make good use of their abilities.

Outriders first impressions

And although I didn’t expect it at all, based on what I’ve experienced so far, even the story itself was very interesting. We are in the distant future, as Earth has been devastated by constant wars, overpopulation and a scarcity of raw materials, leaving the remains of humanity on board a huge carrier ship to reach a planet called Enoch after eighty years of hibernation. But scientists have fallen to the surface of the planet and the mercenaries called the strangers who accompany them only wake up late to the fact that Enoch is not near the promised paradise and lurks in the depths of an imaginary landscape littered with deadly diseases and devastating environmental anomalies.

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However, the greedy bosses of the Transportation Control Company decide to kill the Outsiders and then issue a premature order to unleash hibernation and drop survivors onto the planet’s surface while our outer hero is badly injured in the storm and as a last resort he can hibernate. Until the injury was clear. However, this forced relief continues, and after our hero recovers after about thirty years – as a transformed man with superhuman powers as a result of the damage he inflicted from the storm – Enoch has already become a Hell. During the descent, the storm destroyed the tools needed for colonialism, and so the same battle that devoured the Earth in a short time broke out on the planet’s surface, and in place of the picturesque landscapes, endless trenches, mass executions, and constant gunfire. Planet. Just an end to the struggle, but also to find out exactly what might have gone so far at the beginning of colonialism.

Outriders first impressions

The gameplay is generally fun, the graphics and visuals are nice, and the charging times are fun – at first glance, you basically have everything you need for a great game. So far, I only encountered an error during testing that the interface did not appear after loading from time to time, so I had to go back to the main menu and then restart the game, but server stability issues like some players complained after the release did not return.

I especially liked that our changing abilities have an especially short slowdown period and don’t require any special resources to use – the game directly forces them to use it regularly and aggressively during battles to effectively deal with the superiority of opponents and rivals who sometimes change enrich their ranks. They also abandon the lesson if we cooperatively divide the main and repeatable side tasks with two companions.

Outriders first impressions

The challenge in the game is that once we reach a certain point in the story with one of our characters, we can go back to whatever point we have already played, but to set the level of challenge for us, the world can move with our character, and with this level called the global level. The level of our opponents, the damage, and the rewards we receive both increase. You can manually adjust the global level at any time, but you should always use the current upper level to unlock a new layer (basically higher difficulty levels).

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So in general, it is Outriders It made almost a totally positive impression on me so far and seems to be the best in the genre along with classics like the war, a division Or just Saucepan (The latter is in its better stages, when the stylists and gameplay felt creatively by Bungie rather than Activision Blizzard’s marketers.)

Outriders first impressions

Before making the final verdict, I’d definitely like to get to the end of the main plot, and test how loot and challenge appear in later levels, whether the step-by-step instructions require grinding, and how important the post-game campaigns are referred to as the main content of the final game. In the meantime, if he’s interested, you’ve waited so long, based on what I’ve experienced so far, I am clearly suggesting that you vote for him with confidence – although I wonder if he will be able to maintain that level and experience until the end of the story and beyond. ■

For more news and articles, go to the game’s data sheet:

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Topic 17
Topic 17 2021.04.07. 15:56
[meme] Can you guys play? [/meme]

Within three days of its release, we all made it to the end of the preface. We caught him that night, we crossed the other way … the next day, someone arranged for him alone during the day (at first we didn’t know the introduction could only take place alone). Then, when everyone was ready to play together, none of the night could get in. : Dr

So far I haven’t really experienced a sensation …

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