Outrageous: This is what an American hotel cleaning lady earns

Outrageous: This is what an American hotel cleaning lady earns

America hopes to turn back pre-pandemic times in tourism, too. Currently, different procedures have produced mixed results. Compared to February 2020, employment decreased by 1.3 million (7.9 percent) in May 2022.

Inflation is also rising rapidly there, and salaries in hotels and restaurants should be increased accordingly. Average salaries for those who work in this sector are well below the national average ($45,760 per year) and only $29,600. The interested in trade Now he has now taken turns listing different groups of workers and mentioning interesting salaries based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cleaners earn unfairly little in the US, too.  HEPA / FLORIAN WiesERCleaners earn unfairly little in the US, too. HEPA / FLORIAN WiesER

Restaurant waiters earn an average of $26,480 a year, topping this special list of 38 groups. In the penultimate place were laundries at $26,780, followed by non-restaurant catering companies with $27,360.

They often meet directional bus workers, who earn $27,580 annually, and maids charge a little more, $27,830.

One would think that bartenders who fiddle with glasses in hotel bars are paid excellent, but that’s not true, they also get a total of $28,340, although they usually drop a tip, but they have to share it.

And what could be the salary of the invisible banks? Slightly higher than its predecessors, $29,410. Another thirty dollars to clean for the ladies and 300 dollars for the food processors. Gardeners’ money already exceeds the magic $30,000 ($30,340), and the front desk concierge can run as high as $31,500.

Security personnel form a separate class in the hotel. Compared to the previous ones, they are better valued financially, as they can raise almost 34,400 dollars a year. A restaurant chef is worth an average of $35,550 to employers, his boss is already $61,760, and a maintenance worker, for example, is only $36,370.

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Gross annual salaries paid in various management positions range from $37,000 to $45,000, but the event organizer earns an average of $49,450. The top sales associate gets $54,250 while the HR employee gets $59,060.

The average salary for board members is $66,560, the head of food supply and service is $73,800, and the sales manager salary is $82,390.

Here, too, the financial department is largely satisfied, according to official data. Accountants can earn an average of $60,820 per year, with the CFO earning $103,030 as the highest paid employee on the entire list.

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