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Outbreak data is also deteriorating rapidly in the well-defended UK

The number of newly registered coronavirus infections across Europe is increasing by the thousands every day. In the western part of the continent, the UK in the east, Russia, Romania and Ukraine are struggling the most with the fourth wave of the epidemic. According to a weekly report of the World Health Organization, the situation in Turkey is also rapidly deteriorating.

Globally, statistics show that the number of infected people is increasing only in Europe.

Jonathan Van Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, said in a recent statement that pandemic data is deteriorating very rapidly, with the UK showing a worse situation than most European countries. He says this because a lot of people think the pandemic is over. For his part, we are expected to face the difficult winter months. “The epidemic is not over yet,” he added.

In Romania, most hospitals can no longer accommodate new patients, and doctors are trying to keep people alive in their own cars, taking oxygen bottles next to cars, and that’s the most they can do until one bed is freed.

A woman in front of a hospital told me she had been there all day with her mother, who was on an oxygen cylinder, sleeping in their car, and now they ran out of gas. He nursed her at home for six days before she convinced them to come. “He’s stubborn, but now he’s sorry he refused to vaccinate himself.”

In Russia, the government has ordered a one-week leave, but there are still many infected, more and more patients needing hospital care. Not far from Moscow, a temporary hospital with more than 600 beds and an intensive care unit with a capacity of 20 beds was established in Patriot Park, Kubinka.

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