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Our women's jerseys won the doubleheader against Canada

Our women's jerseys won the doubleheader against Canada

Our women's national team is preparing for the Olympics for the fourth week, so it's time to test itself against an international competitor. At Széchy's pool in Margitsziget early Thursday evening, Canada was the opponent in the double header reported by the media. On our way to the pool, we learned from co-captain Sandor Ceh that they are counting the results, there may be points, everything will be the same as in the official match, because they are still trying to model it – the real match of this type is scheduled for Saturday. , and we are also playing Canada in Gödöllő at 7pm, and the general public can actually watch this fight, and it is even recommended.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., the last of the amateur swimmers finished their stride and began preparing the ground for the meet starting at 7:30 p.m. Our team members brought up the bench themselves, and then a minute later, half an hour before the start, they jumped into the water – we envied them a little from the thirty-degree beach, but at least the hot sun was covered by a few clouds.

At the same time, the atmosphere was crystal clear in the pool, as some of our players shot towards the goal, while others swam behind the goal. By the way, Canada will be our group opponent in Paris, even though they were originally the only country that was going to miss the matches as a really effective team, but South Africa's withdrawal helped North America.

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At the start of the game, we could hear how our players communicated with each other in defence, but this was also true for attacks. Our team did not score a single goal from the disadvantage of their first player, but at the same time they scored the advantage of their first player, and then the next goal as well (put in by Rita Kestelli), although the captain of the Canadian national team, David Baradelo, expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee's decision. The visitors equalized with an equal midfield goal and advanced.

“Dorcas, be a little braver.” Asked attila mihawk, From the captain of the national team Dorothea Szilagyi, listed in third place in our article, in one of the individual advantage situations, which ended with another Hungarian goal. After four on four, we took a six-on-four lead in the second quarter, first taking advantage of the fact that the Canadian midfielder swam back with difficulty, and Greta Goresatti drained the ball in her hands before receiving the Canadian ball. Goal, then our team proved its effectiveness from a distance of five metres.

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