Our six men’s duelists in the main draw of the World Cup in Istanbul

Four of the 10 Hungarians who entered the paddocks on Friday were successful, so on Saturday six of the 64 – including our two favorite teams – can continue for the Men’s Fencing World Cup in Istanbul.

David Nagy and Gergely Siclusi are among the 64 in Istanbul (Photo: Atilla Turok)

Twelve Hungarians are entered into the men’s Fencing World Cup in Istanbul, ten of whom took part in Friday’s qualifying round – thanks to the world rankings of Gergely Siklósi and Máté Koch, they were able to rest on day one.

Already after the group matches, Dávid Nagy and Zsombor Keszthelyi managed to pack up, as they both finished the first stage with a perfect record, so they were immediately promoted to the main table.

On the other hand, eight Hungarians managed to start the so-called mill, which this time was more difficult and longer than usual: due to the large number of entries, most duelists had to fight three 15 aces to reach the goal. 64.

Unfortunately, only four of our duelists reached the third qualifying round, since Tibor Andrasvi and Andras Ridley managed to play against each other …

The battle between the two resulted in the closest possible fight, this time Andrásfi proving that he was one stroke better, and since Zsombor Bányai also successfully won the final qualifying round, six of the 64 Hungarians can go to the pastures in Istanbul on Saturday.

World Cup competition, Istanbul
duelist. men. Individually. In group matches:
Gergely Seklosi, Matti Koch (shaded), David Nagy 6 wins/0 losses, Zsumbor Kiztheli 6/6, Tibor Andrasvi 5/1, Andras Ridley 5/1, Zsumbor Banyai 5/1, Balint Backos 4/2, Chapa Venevisi 4 / 2, Gergley Kovacs 4/2, Levante Bota 3/3, Osman Tosun Marawan 3/3. To reach 128: Bacchus Cooper (British) 15:14, Kovacs-Minas (Greece) 15:11, Ousmane Tosun-Roa (Colombian) 15:13, Banyai-Poliquin (Canadian) 15:6, Bota-Berkthold (Austrian) 15:8, Paulini (Italian) – Venezian 15:6. To get to 96: Andrásfi-Rodriguez (Colombian) 14:10, Rédli-Aliyev (Azerbaijan) 15:6, Bányai-Vilensky (Israeli) 15:11, Kovács- Rod (Portuguese) 15:8, Vava (French) – Bacchus 15:11, Gu-Meng-hsien (Chinese) – Osman – Tosun 15:9, Jørgensen (Danish) – Botha 15:9. To reach 64: Andrásfi – Rédli 15 :14, Bányai-Correnti (French) 15:6, Lugones Ruggeri (Argentine) – Kovács 15:7

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