Our Olympic champion can stop his career for one year

“The people were nice, the location was good, and the environment was beautiful, even though they were screaming that they wouldn’t be like this. I won two gold medals, which I didn’t expect because my injury scared me.” – The 25-year-old athlete spoke about his successes this year to the current channel M1, who revealed that his greatest experience was not the individual victory in the 1000m race, but rather that he came with Pence Nadas in first place in the 500m race in the pair, because he and his partner do not They can prepare together as much as necessary.

Regarding the M4 Sport-Az Ev Sportolója Gala, he commented that he does not like celebrations in principle, but if he is invited to the biggest sporting party in Hungary, it is a great honor for him and he is happy to take part in it, having watched it at home in previous years.

“If everything goes well next year and then the 2024 Olympics in Paris, I plan to put my sports career on hold. I will definitely skip a year.” Balint Kobasz confirmed his previous decision, revealing that he envisions his life after playing sports in the field of health.

According to Kobach, the Hungarian kayak division is very strong, and he hopes they can maintain that level next year as well. He is preparing for the next season by training at home until February 25, and then going to Seville for six or seven weeks. As he revealed, he could only say one negative thing about the location in southern Spain, and that was that there were a lot of people there.

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This year, Balint Kobasz won a double at the European Championships in Munich and at the World Championships in Dartmouth, that is, in the individual 1000-meter race, while he did not find a winner in the 500-meter race in pairs with Pence Nadas.

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