Mobilunk az alvás közbeni horkolást és köhögést is figyelheti a jövőben kép

Our mobile phone can also monitor snoring and coughing during sleep in the future

This should help Google to get a better sleep.

With a variety of smartwatches and bracelets, we already have a chance to get a more comprehensive picture of how we slept last night, and it can also help us recognize in time whether a change is needed.

Of course, we have the ability to do similar monitoring using other tools, such as the second generation Google Nest Hub, which has evolved quite a bit in this area last year. We can expect more serious news in the future.

Google’s machine has been able to detect sleep snoring and coughing since last year, but the company may want to port those features to smartphones as well. 9to5Google noticed that there is a line in the Google Health Studios app code regarding sleep notes.

The feature could theoretically use a smartphone’s microphone to detect if someone snores or coughs while sleeping. On top of that, it’s all part of a larger study by the Google Health Sensing team called the Sleep Audio Collection. The goal is for Android devices to be able to monitor using improved algorithms, giving the user useful knowledge about their night’s rest.

It’s important to note that this is another beta feature at the moment, but field users may have the opportunity to try it out in the near future.

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