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Our family-friendly approach has now been recognised

Our family-friendly approach has now been recognised

Creating harmony between work commitments and family life is now a basic expectation. During its operation, EU-SOLAR Nyrt pays special attention to supporting families and, in recognition of this, has received the “Family Friendly Place” certification mark.

Maintaining a balance between family and work is extremely important, but it is not always easy. An employer can help a lot in creating harmony, as long as it enforces a family-friendly approach at the organizational level. All this helps not only the employee’s well-being, but also the effectiveness of the work: an employee with a balanced family life contributes more effectively to the success of the particular organization with his commitment.

Our company recently received the “Family Friendly” certification and wears it with pride trade markThis is not just recognition, but a sign of our commitment to our employees and their families.

Flexible hours and company events: We still help families

Flexible working hours, shortened workdays on Fridays and casual working hours allow our employees to adapt their working hours to their private lives. We also offer part-time work and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

We help new fellows integrate into our orientation program. We offer discounts on our own products and support housing or subletting. We offer summer student employment opportunities for the children of our employees and foster a sense of community through family-friendly company events.

We make work days sweeter with fruit days and ice cream days in the summer. Our colleagues can relax in the Zen Zone relaxation room.

We use an internal communication and education system to keep employees informed so everyone has the most up-to-date information.

We are developing our family-friendly approach

Our goal is to continue developing a family-friendly work environment. Obtaining the brand was no easy task, but our commitment to these values ​​is strong. We will continue to innovate in the future so that our employees and their families are satisfied.

If you’d like to experience what it’s like to work in a truly family-friendly workplace, click on this link to find our vacancies.

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