“Our enemies will pay,” Netanyahu said after the rockets were fired.

“Our enemies are discovering that in moments of trial, the citizens of Israel unite and support the actions of the army and other security forces to protect our country and our citizens,” Netanyahu said at the start of the cabinet session, according to MTI. .

The internal disagreement in Israel does not prevent us from taking action against them where and when necessary. We are all united in this without exception

– He added, referring to hundreds of thousands of demonstrations against the government’s legal proposals in recent weeks.

The Israeli prime minister said regarding the clashes at Al-Aqsa mosque, in which hundreds of Palestinians were arrested, where they barricaded themselves and threw stones at the police and where extremely religious Jews tried to make offerings.

Concluding the chief of staff’s assessment of the situation on Thursday evening, the Israeli army spokesman, Danny Hijri, said that the Islamic Hamas organization was responsible for the rockets coming from Lebanon.

Hajjari added, “The state of Lebanon is responsible for the firing from its territory, and the army is on high alert, and we are investigating who knew about the shots and whether the Iranians were involved.”

The cabinet concerned with security policy met on Thursday evening, after a break of about two months, after 34 rockets were launched from Lebanon at Israeli territory, mines were fired at Metula on the Lebanese border, and rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at the neighboring southern regions of Sidr. Clashes took place in Jerusalem for the second day at night in the Holy Sanctuary between worshipers during the holy month of Ramadan and Israeli security men.

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Prior to the cabinet meeting, the leaders of the security services conducted a situational assessment with the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, which revealed that a night full of attacks was expected in both northern and southern Israel. It is expected that the intensity of military strikes in Lebanon will be determined by the Council of Ministers concerned with security policy.

“We are making efforts to separate the fronts and not be dragged into a complete escalation, but of course in addition to restoring deterrence,” he added.

There will be a strong response in Gaza regardless of what happens in the north

Security officials told ynet, the news portal of the Yediót Ahronót newspaper.

Shelters have also been opened in Ashkelon, a city north of the Gaza border, and in Nahariya and Karmiel near the northern border. President Gishak Hercog confirmed his support for the settlements in northern and southern Israel, which are threatened by missiles.

“I ask the international community to strongly condemn the gross violation of international law, and not to lend a hand to terrorism and the mistreatment of innocent people.”

– said Hercog, referring to the fact that the missiles were aimed at settlements inhabited by Israeli civilians.

Benny Ganz and Geir Lapid, the opposition leaders, confirmed the army’s support Thursday night.

I say to our enemies that when they fire on the homes of our inhabitants, there is neither alliance nor opposition

Ganz said.

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