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“Our country is going to hell” – Kryptoworld
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“Our country is going to hell” – Kryptoworld

Former US President Donald Trump has expressed concern that America’s global influence is at risk and that its currency situation is not ideal.

One made recently in an interview It covered many topics, including the country’s international standing, leadership, and currency dynamics.

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During the conversation, Trump emphasized that while the United States still has great power, its position is diminishing, especially when it comes to currency.

After that, Trump spoke about America’s international standing and expressed his views on the effects of the current administration.

Trump has criticized the Biden administration, saying it lacks common sense and is harmful to the country.

At the same time, he assured the public that if he was re-elected, his government would immediately rectify the situation.

Donald Trump cited problems with the US’s infrastructure, describing many details as reminiscent of a Third World country in some areas.

Despite the ongoing investigations and indictments after his presidency, Trump affirmed his belief that the country’s decline will continue and may even threaten its prominence in the world.

Our country is going to hell and we can’t be the big ones. Trump said. “We have strength but it is weakening. It is actually weakening our currency as well.”

In his comment, Trump explained:

“I’m not just talking about the value of our currency, I’m talking about our currency being used around the world.”

Trump stated that many countries have decided not to use the US dollar and are considering alternatives such as the Chinese yuan, an idea that previously seemed out of the question but is now under serious consideration.

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Finally, he believed that inflated energy prices were responsible for the development of this problem.

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