Otto Toldi: Responding to Cobbett’s “Professional” Criticism

I did not find a single real professional argument in the cited article, Bella Moncacchi is not an independent university researcher, but she is a true black belt activist.

“Nothing is what it seems, in fact, reality is often the exact opposite of appearances.

On March 22nd, while reading the press brief at work, it dawned on me like a flashing red exclamation point that my interview about natural gas-fired power plants published in the index should be refuted by a respected ELTÉ research group in order to restore society’s sense of justice. “The ELTE research group refutes the claims of the head of research at the Institute for Climate Policy near Fidesz to promote gas power plants, because according to their creed, politicians must be confronted with facts, science makes facts” – Zsuzsanna Balázs wrote in the science section of

But my fears quickly subsided after reading the neither neutral nor scientific article. It does not matter who formulates the criticism and how valid this criticism is. Nothing is what it seems. In fact, it was not me, but Bella Moncacchi, author of the rebuttal, who wanted to mix politics with issues of energy strategy that had no left or right side. If the refutation is to be scientific, care should be taken to ensure that it is well-founded.

Associate Professor Bela Moncacci, Head of the Energy Geography Research Group at Eötvös Loránd University claims – not by quoting verbatim, but by restoring the essence – that »the Climate Policy Institute, which appears as a regular professional advisor to the Hungarian government, including research leader Otto Toldi based on opinions similar to decisions This index article has/has dire consequences for Hungary, its public finances, energy independence and energy security of the nation, climate protection efforts in our country and the European Union, and the United Nations “I could even have taken these lines to heart and look for fault in myself if I had found One professional argument mentioned in the article, or if I didn’t know that Bella Moncacchi’s children’s clothing has long since faded away.He is not an independent university scholar, but a real black belt activist from the Liberal Democratic Party, who ran as a representative candidate in the 2018 parliamentary elections in a constituency Komárom-Esztergom 02. By the way, the leader of the Energiaklub, who has played a decisive role for a long time, also has links with the LMP, and is currently the chief climate policy advisor to Mayor Gergely Karácsony.So much for the unbiased scientific approach, which is neither neutral nor science. “

The ELTE research group refutes claims by the Climate Policy Institute that it propagates gas power plants

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