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Otto Kenesi and Ramona have not spoken to each other for years –

Otto Kenesi and Ramona have not spoken to each other for years -

It often happens that two people are very close to each other, but life separates them for many years to come. This is exactly what happened With Ramona Lekai Kiss And Otto Kinseyl also from They understood everything from half-words, they knew everything about each other, but for years they had not spoken because of a misunderstanding that seemed absurd.. It took Dancing with the Stars on TV2 to find each other again in an instant! But what is the problem? This is what Porsche asked Otto Kinsey after the live show!

“It was a very important performance at the time, it was a very intense performance, and we were on stage with nothing. For me as an actor, it was very important, and it was important for Ramona to be there in the auditorium, or at least be able to tell him the thing. Yeah. , but he was traveling to America to learn a language, and he went out to the airport, and he never called me again. When he was abroad, I didn’t even know what was wrong with him, a misunderstanding arose between us, Burs began. Otto KinseyHe added that he believed that Ramy had offended and that Rami was angry with him. The misunderstanding continued for years, and the two old friends moved away. Of course, there was a polite Christmas or New Year’s message sent to each other, but there was usually no response. Otto said that over time they would both have opened up about each other, but Dancing with the Stars speeded up the process.

There was a tickle between us, but we shouldn’t imagine we didn’t talk or face it at all, we just need a hack. Now this moment happened in the semi-finals! I had to go up to him and say, OK, pay now! Do now what you couldn’t do many years ago! In an instant, we resumed where we left off. I think that’s how true friendship works. The feud between us was just a ridiculous misunderstanding, which I obviously foolishly dealt with, and it fits the fairy tale in which Ramy and I find each other, as well as our ability to dance at the end,” he said.

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