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Other streaming provider may be inundated with ads

Other streaming provider may be inundated with ads

Negotiations are already underway.

More and more streaming service providers are condoning the idea of ​​offering a cheaper, but ad-filled subscription in addition to the basic package(s). In the US, HBO Max and Netflix already have that option, and now it looks like Amazon’s Prime Video service may be entering that circle as well, he writes. Wall Street Journal.

According to the economic newspaper, Amazon has already taken steps to make more money through advertising. Some programs offered placements for products, and earlier sports programs featured in advertisements. Prime Video is available as part of the $15 per month Prime membership or as a separate subscription for $8.99 per month (in Hungary only HUF 899). A cheaper package will be available for this.

According to the economic newspaper, the introduction of the new subscription was mooted because advertising companies indicated they wanted more access to popular films and series, which until now have been largely ad-free. Negotiations are still in their early stages, so the company is still studying how to place ads in Prime Video, he adds Hosso.

The most likely solution would be to start showing more ads to existing subscribers, who could enjoy ad-free for a larger amount. The speakers indicated that the commercials would be short, but it is unknown if the intermission could be longer than 3-4 minutes per hour in the case of HBO Max.

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