Other exciting details about Horizon Forbidden West have been revealed, such as combat and map

Other exciting details about Horizon Forbidden West have been revealed, such as combat and map

Last week, the gameplay in Horizon Forbidden West was revealed in detail on PS5, and the fantastic series immediately piqued the interest of gamers. Game directors Mathijs de Jong and Benjamin McCaw have been awarded an exclusive award by IGN USA in an interview They have revealed more details about the upcoming RPG.

First, the climb will be unofficial in the second part of the franchise. In Horizon Zero Dawn, this gameplay was quite limited despite the fact that the playing field abounds with cracks and nooks. But Jung revealed that the mechanics of climbing had changed during development. Although the locations to be climbed were originally determined manually, eventually the developers wrote an algorithm that would allow this process anywhere there was a “geometric gap” on the map. This means that you can climb almost anywhere.

But Jung reassured players that what they saw in the gameplay demo, i.e. Aloy focusing on a pillar in a destroyed building and then climbing up one of them, doesn’t mean you can just climb around you. Focus is not a prerequisite for climbing, but is intended to facilitate the player’s position, that is, it reveals interesting points, extreme values, but we can determine where to send Aloy.

The playing field also changes from the previous part, but not the way we first thought. The map will be slightly larger than in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the developers of Forbidden West primarily did not aim to distinguish its predecessor in terms of overall size, but sought to make it more dense and diverse. More and more content is expected, and as you explore, you will come across many side stories that will add to the excitement. McCaw added here that storytelling would be multi-layered, i.e. complex:

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“The open world is made up of 3 parts: one inhabited by tribes, one inhabited by robots, and there is the world of Aloy. We always wanted there to be a mysterious mystery waiting to be solved or something to be discovered.”

And the directors added that the depths need to be interpreted not only for the game mechanically, but also literally, since there will also be a deep sea zone waiting to be explored.

“We also focused a lot on underwater discovery. Not only did we want to show the marine world, we wanted every detail to be as beautiful and elaborate as the surface,” he said. McCaw, who also noted that in addition to its beauty, the deep sea will also have a role in telling stories: we meet exciting and amazing things in the depths. Moreover, hiding and deceiving enemies will be possible under water.

The two directors also commented in more detail on the combat system. “With the help of bots, the combat system will be completely tactical, and we always have several ways to defeat the enemies. Concentration can be used to clear the weaknesses and interactive components of different machines. Together with this feature, you can have more than one combat system, so tactics play a bigger role.” Little.

The developer added that human opponents now also have thicker armor that Aloy can get from them, which are getting more aggressive anyway, so they’ll have to fight them smarter and more tactically.

It’s not yet known exactly when Horizon Forbidden West will launch, but PlayStation president Hermann Holst says that if all goes well, the game will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this holiday season.

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