OTDK Plus - Among the first

OTDK Plus – Among the first

At the ceremony, Tamas Weiszburg, Vice President General of the National Council of Student Science (OTDT), outlined the OTDK’s two goals of science competitions and building relationships between generations. As he said, the conference convened in 16 divisions in the spring, noting that participants are part of a huge movement. Today, 12 ceremonies have taken place like the one that took place, which is no longer a real competition, but shows that it is worth continuing to work with “increased responsibility and humility”, and the first to listen to peers with “similar thought experiment”. Tamas Weiszburg emphasized that students from other fields also came to the Department of Military and Law Enforcement, this time, for example, two students presenting their research at the University of Debrecen.

Colonel Gabor Boldissar welcomed the participants to the ceremony “We are the user side that uses the accumulated knowledge”. The head of the Department of Education, Science and Culture at the Ministry of Defense also spoke about the benefits of the methodologies developed by the epidemic in scientific life, using this thinking to train four hundred soldiers, police and disaster relief workers to confront the epidemic. Tasks.

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