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OSKAL offers innovative energy storage solutions…

OSKAL offers innovative energy storage solutions…

EES Europe, the continent's largest and most influential exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, will be held from 19 to 21 June at Messe Munich.

Oscal, an innovative brand of energy storage equipment, is pleased to announce its participation in EES Europe 2024. At the event, Oscal will present the latest developments in energy storage systems, including the world's first powerful power station, the PowerMax 3600, which is the most versatile. The PowerMax 2400 Powerhouse is also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and charging pads, as well as a PM200 200W solar panel.

Each demonstrates Oscal's commitment to providing reliable power solutions for a variety of applications.

Euskal PowerMax 3600

the Power Max 3600 The world's first rugged home and outdoor security force capable of withstanding vertical drops of up to 0.8 metres. With a large battery capacity of 3600Wh and rated power of 3600W, it meets the needs of most users.

What sets it apart from competing products is its 100% modular architecture, which enables power increases of up to 57,600 Wh (3,600 Wh per battery). Combined with 14 well-regulated output ports to charge 99% of essential devices, the PowerMax 3600 UPS smoothly draws power in just 5 milliseconds, 50% faster than other devices.

It uses safety-focused LiFePO4 batteries that maintain up to 80% capacity over 3,500 charging cycles. Additionally, the PowerMax 3600 quickly charges up to 80% in just 69 minutes, and supports multiple charging methods, including solar, wind, water and other green energy sources.

Not only does the PowerMax 3600 offer five LED lighting modes, it can also be used to transmit more information using Morse code.

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Oscal presents innovative energy storage solutions at Intersolar/EES Europe 2024

Euskal PowerMax 2400

Created for versatility, the PowerMax 2400 is a portable power supply with a Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging pad. It not only serves as a backup power supply, but also enriches your outdoor travel with music playing function.

The powerful 1872Wh LiFePO4 battery supports up to 10 battery packs (1872Wh/min) with a maximum capacity of 20,592Wh. In terms of input, it supports AC, car and solar inputs, and the double charge will be fully charged in just 1 hour.

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As for outputs, in addition to the 2,400W AC, DC, USB-A, TYPE-C, and cigarette lighter ports, there are also two 15W wireless charging pads on top. Moreover, it has a built-in four-mode LED light for added convenience.

Oscal presents innovative energy storage solutions at Intersolar/EES Europe 2024

Solar solution for balcony with micro inverter

The 800W mini inverter can be connected to two 400W solar panels, so it is also suitable for balcony use. Alternatively, the solar panels can be connected to the micro inverter and then plugged in to use the BP2400 (1,872 Wh battery pack). Moreover, the mini adapter also supports network connection.

Oscal presents innovative energy storage solutions at Intersolar/EES Europe 2024

Euskal 200W Solar Panel – PM200

The Oscal PM200 solar cell is an essential accessory for green energy systems. Provides 200 watts of solar energy with adjustable support for perfect placement. Thanks to laminated technology and durable ETFE material, the panel ensures long service life and high efficiency. With an impressive conversion rate of 21.7% to 23%, it is an excellent choice for meeting sustainable energy needs.

Oscal presents innovative energy storage solutions at Intersolar/EES Europe 2024

Don't miss this opportunity and discover the future of power plants Oscar In hall B1.370N at Messe München in Germany!

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