Order is the soul of everything, especially in the living room

Order is the soul of everything, especially in the living room

A scene of social, leisure and recharge life. Usually, most of the small and large things accumulate here. Due to its multifunctional role, the issue of storage is paramount in this room. If not resolved, chaos and disorder can easily arise. If everything has its place, then the living room will be organized and you will not have to constantly look for this and that.

cleverly store

There is usually storage space around the TV. A closed media system is a practical solution. The MÖBELIX display sets and media stands They can hide many things. Household items can be stored protected from dust. It is worth combining open and closed storage, breaking the monotony with open shelf elements. Various ornaments, vases, plants and books can be placed on the shelf elements. It is recommended to place things in a well-ventilated way so as not to create a crowded effect.

The TV can be installed between the shelves using a wall mount, which can be hidden even with a furniture panel running on the rails. Closed containers are definitely needed because of the regulating effect. Board games, CDs, and photo albums should be stored in drawers protected from dust. The advantage of closed storage systems is that they simplify cleaning and provide a more consistent image.

a place for books

Many people have a ready-made library and placing books correctly can be a problem. A space-saving shelving system can be an interesting solution. It is worth placing the books in a well-ventilated way for a harmonious look. A shelving system can also be created that covers an entire wall, extending from floor to ceiling. The highest ranked book is also easily accessible from a rolling ladder. A glass-door cabinet is a great solution for storing books if you don’t want to flick it off every week, but want the contents of your library to be transparent at the same time.

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Built-in wheels

Everyone agrees that there is never enough storage space. The number of items will continue to increase unless scrapping occurs at certain intervals. In unused corners, a built-in wardrobe is a good solution that absorbs everything we don’t want to be visible. A practical solution, especially in apartments with a small floor area.

small mobile containers

Extra throws and pillows are always needed in the living room, but if you don’t want to take up space on the sofa, cushions, stools or coffee tables with storage baskets are the perfect solution. It’s especially practical for families with young children, because toys often seep into the living room unnoticed, and storing them tends to cause headaches. Often there is a children’s corner in the living room, in which case it is practical to choose easy-to-disassemble shelving systems along with baskets that absorb toys.

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