Opposition mutants

Opposition mutants

The mention of the peace process appears to have caused confusion among the local opposition at the Soros level. They instantly populated their paid media and about 50 of their associations on Facebook. They became curious about the details of the planned event, especially its date, and then with their writings they wanted to mock society about a large part of our nationality, which is a symbolic manifestation of belonging to national unity. They seem to be afraid of the appearance of the peaceful inhabitants on the street as a demon from the smoke of incense. why is that? Because many of the opposition parties burn their homes, and because they are only small, their smoke is not visible.

However, the opposition unrest led by GF, now indefinitely, became a center for transmitting false news and lies. They multiply like coronavirus mutations, but there is an antidote.

Hungarian society has already devised an effective “vaccine”. The product is unique and safe. Sober people take it for granted and accept it voluntarily. Our guiding principle is available to us in formulating Ferenc Kohlse, and in the moment we make our decisions we also say: “Home comes first!” The homeland is at the heart of our good citizenship and is a concept.

Burial of the homeland in which our ancestors lived, and we now owe our grandparents and fathers our existence today, which is envisioned by the will of God. The house provides living space for our families. It cannot be based on anything other than love between our fellow citizens. Among other things, love must be won, and if it is mutual, it will last forever.

Unfortunately, there is an area in our life where love does not play, and that is the realm of politics. Here, some forget about mutual respect. However, it must not be generalized.

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If we get to the partisan political battles today, it is worth returning to the words of our great poet for an answer. The possibility of analysis appears immediately, which is the criterion for separating good and evil. We can recall the experiences of our history and the last facts, from the Treaty of Trianon to the destruction of Hungary to this day.

Let us ask the results of the various muscles imposed on us. We can draw the indisputable fact that they espouse political leanings. Hiding in bad skin puts the desire to rule and establish empires in the foreground. This endeavor is oppression, plundering of peoples, and trampling on the freedom of people. All this is confirmed by Bolshevism, Nazism, Fascism and Communism, which have long been the dominant opinions associated with the party and forced the innocent majority of people to engage in world wars and civil conflicts. For imperialists, the associated colonialism proved to be a good deal.

If, after the first discussion, we put the living space of Europe today and the Hungarians under it under a magnifying glass, we can discover that the possibility of choosing the error still exists with us, as is the case with the Coronavirus. GF also pushed himself away, “not a little, much”. But the deceiving ideal of social authoritarianism is an ideology armed to mislead people in the long run. The work-like organization of the state that provides freedom for its purpose and freedom instead of the home, strikes all those who are ignorant of the ancestors of these doctrines.

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Those who plotted against the empire wore striped clothing of the citizens. This requires the institutional regimes in the European Union, which have become semi-democratic, where armed oppression becomes secondary, but the false, deceitful and evil regime, for example, to conquer the world works. The goal is to force countries that are still relatively sovereign today into a cage system of global politics. Using the teams of multinational companies, it would be important for them to pool financial resources in one hand, that is, to control the global banking system.

For the sake of simplicity, we can also illustrate the system as tea making which was organized in Hungary in the late 1950s, where means of force ensured its implementation.

All those in the opposition today consider their political livelihoods more important than the fate of their home and families, and have committed themselves as a defender of Satan, serving a bad cause and they cannot even be categorized as a neighbor. The power-hungry opposition converts in Hungary believe in the already known politics of the one-party system. Every day, they indicate that they have sworn to the Mafia to swear to overthrow the government, becoming identical with the US-European service. Given the betrayal of the homeland as a source of livelihood, our citizens are preparing for modern slavery.

How do we know who serves the interest of the nation? The answer is simple, but this classification can only be based on facts. Let’s take a closer look at the work of the government, which has been organizing for 11 years. We accept in advance the self-admission of Ferenc Gyurcsany, Head of Social Governance, that their 10-12 year reign was just enough to make them.

There is no need for a more credible starting point. Hungary was on the verge of economic bankruptcy. The only consequence of their policy is that they dared to make the country small and insignificant. The result is that the international audience has given our country that it is inhabited by weak and hesitant Hungarians. In 2010, the government and the two-thirds support community decided, with national unity, to restore our honor, to fight for our country.

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We started reconstruction with a reliable and elected government. In this writing, the remarkable achievements of the country’s government and the people who work with it cannot be listed. It is no exaggeration to say that every citizen of Hungary can be considered a hero, and if we must, then we have defended ourselves, and if the opportunity arises, we have built. Let us be proud of everything on the basis of which the gathering of one of our spiritual patrons is based on what happened within the framework of national cooperation.

You can read about this point with a point on our news portal www.2022plusz.hu and its Facebook page. It turns out that we did not drink, moreover, we did not lie “morning, night, and evening” to the world and ourselves. Our task is determined, the stem must be sifted from the wheat. We must value the healing of the country’s wounds, our citizenship, and in the 2022 elections, by sending in opposition converts who harm the health of society, it must be ensured that they can be replaced by competing, acquired youth.

(The author is Chair of CÖKA’s Board of Trustees)

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