Oppo phones can make a big difference in the camera

Oppo phones can make a big difference in the camera

Oppo is said to be developing a dedicated image processor.

Oppo defended the Oppo M1 chip in 2019, and so far everyone has assumed that the company will start developing an internal system chip, especially after the engineers approved by MediaTek and Spreadtrum. Later, the company also attracted two professionals from Qualcomm and HiSilicon.

However, Digital Chat Station has learned that the M1 chip is actually a unique image processing processor (ISP). It does all the work that creates the final image from the raw data captured by the camera sensor (be it color correction, sharpening or more complex tasks). The better the processing, the better the image quality.

Oppo Find X3 ProSource: technical advisor

As Google’s example shows, it matters a lot, Pixels have been featured in the world of mobile photography for years. Google has used a unique ISP for many years, with existing pixels eventually loading calculations onto the Snapdragon chip.

Oppo can hope to continue with the unique internet service provider javol Picture quality of your future smartphones. As OnePlus and Realme are Oppo’s sister brands, it’s easy for Oppo’s improvements to eventually show up on their devices as well.

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