Ophthalmologist, Visual Artist, Musician, and Our TV Fellow Won Prima Award of the Year - In Pictures - Debrecen News, Debrecen News |  News of Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar Province

Ophthalmologist, Visual Artist, Musician, and Our TV Fellow Won Prima Award of the Year – In Pictures – Debrecen News, Debrecen News | News of Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar Province

The ophthalmologist, visual artist, musician, and our TV colleague won the County Prima Award this year—in pictures

Debrecen – Hajdu Bihar Provincial Award Winners and Provincial Entrepreneurs of the Year were celebrated in Debrecen. They commend exceptional achievements with an extraordinary award.

The Hajdu-Bihar Provincial Organization Presidency of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers and the Board of Trustees of the Hajdu-Bihar Provincial Award Foundation have organized an award ceremony at the Kolsi Centre. This year, the association’s Hajdu Bihar District Organization honored the work of people who have made a lasting impression in the fields of science, knowledge dissemination, media, fine and applied arts, and music.

Photo: Vida Rowland

From the outset, the award’s mission has been to recognize the cultivation and nurturing of Hungarian culture, and to honor outstanding representatives of the Hungarian arts, sciences, and sport. The Prima Primissima Foundation was founded in 2003 by Sándor Demján, and was complemented by regional Prima Awards in 2005.

Hajdu Bihar district joined the Prima Primisima system in 2007. Today, the best of the province in intellectual life, culture, science, art and sports can gain independent recognition across the country. They are the ones who can be closely observed and recognized as role models for the parochial society of their country.

The aim of the Prima County Awards System is to preserve the local achievements and spirit of the Hungarian intelligentsia, to strengthen the cohesion of smaller social units and to promote their development.

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The county prize award, given annually, can be won by three people from each county.

They commend exceptional achievements with an extraordinary award. On the gala evening – contrary to tradition – the winners were awarded a special, uniquely designed work of art. The Flame of Honor is made of noble materials: the base is granite, and flames made of chrome-nickel plates are placed in a bronze goblet.

The Prima Primesima Hajdu Bihar District Board of Trustees meeting was held on September 28 at the Provincial Chamber of Commerce headquarters. The Board of Trustees has decided to present Prima County Awards this year in the categories of Hungarian Science, Hungarian Knowledge and Media, Hungarian Fine and Applied Arts, and to select a special award in the Hungarian Music category.

Accordingly, in the “Hungarian Sciences” category, this year’s Provincial Prize was awarded to ophthalmologist Dr. Attila Vagas, Chief Physician of the Eye Clinic at the University of Debrecen Clinical Center, and member of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian Society of Ophthalmology. .

Based on the decision of the Board of Trustees, Andrea Palvi, editor and correspondent of the Media Center in Debrecen, received the District Prize in the category “Hungarian Information and Media Publishing”.

Andrea Balfe

Róbert Rácz, winner of the Provincial Prima Prize, has become one of the new and recent representatives of contemporary art in Debrecen in the category “Hungarian Fine and Industrial Art”. The special prize in the category “Hungarian Music” was given to actor and singer Danielvi Gergeli.

The winners of the award for Best Entrepreneur in Hajdu Bihar district were also announced at the evening ceremony. Accordingly, this year’s Hajdu Bihar Province Businessman of the Year award was awarded to Ferenc Miklosi, Managing Director of Keviép Kft. The award for Best Service Provider in Hajdu Bihar Province was presented to Istvan Herdon, President and CEO of Xanga Ventures Zrt. The Industrial Company of the Year award in Hajdu Bihar district was awarded to Karoli Balogh, Managing Director of Karsol Kft. Hermann Kovacs, CEO of Nagisz Zrt. Nádudvar, was awarded the Agricultural Enterprise of the Year in Hajdu District, Bihar.

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The award for Best Bank in Hajdu Bihar district went to Endre Molnar Tamas, Head of Debrecen Branch of Bulgari Bank. Gergeli Baza, Head of Urban Development Department of DMJV Municipal Office, received the Hajdu Bihar District Award for Outstanding Social Engagement.

According to tradition, the Entrepreneur of the Year award was also announced. The prestigious award can be awarded to the economic operator Hajdu Bihar with the best performance in 2022. The recipient will be able to receive the award at the Palace of Arts on Entrepreneurs Day in Budapest. This year, the Entrepreneur of the Year award was awarded to individual entrepreneur Sándor Hajd.

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