operetta??  Hungarian fair wins abroad

operetta?? Hungarian fair wins abroad

Our aim is to gain insight into our country’s values, strengthen our identity, and build our country’s image and sympathy with Hungarians by introducing Hungarian culture, primarily Hungarian operetta and other Hungarian operas, they write.
We believe that music beautifies the world, forms a bridge between people, and shapes both the creator and the receiver!

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Their aim is to bring spiritual art to the widest possible circle through our artistic productions, elevating it, making it a regular consumer of culture, entertaining and educating it at the same time.

We are proud to produce our work in collaboration with the most famous creators and artists in the country, such as the Operetta Theater in Budapest, as well as to create dreams of production, expansion and artistic concept creation, from marketing and public relations activities to sales, television until the production is created, we carry out every process with the same precision and professionalism And over the years we have been able to gain recognition from our partners and the public countless times at home and abroad.

Dániel Vadász, owner and producer of Operettissima, received a diploma from the Department of Dramatic Art of the Hungarian Academy of Arts in recognition of his outstanding productive activities in the field of Hungarian culture, especially opera and operetta genres. The certificate was delivered by Victor Nagy, Head of Theater Arts Department, at the Bodavar Palace Gala on July 23.

Beginning: Vienna and Budapest concert salute, then broadcast on the Internet in America and Canada

Having had to dispense with live concerts in 2020, the organizers believed that the famous Salute to Vienna concert series, which will attract decades and tens of millions of viewers and take a look at the American and Canadian past, will extend to Hungary, in preparation for 2022 in the USA, as Plan tours of the finest concert halls in many major cities in the United States and Canada, focusing on the operetta genre, including Hungarian operetta as Hungarian.

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At a press conference on June 29, 2021, the owner and producer of Operettissima, Dániel Vadász, spoke about the search for partners before the onset of the autumn pandemic, who are associated with a genre and goal: Hungarian operetta and its promotion. His primary partner was Oliver Naxa, with whom he co-invented the Buda Palace Concert in 2013, the operetta’s most famous summer celebration. According to Oliver Naxa, in the past eight years, these events have successfully positioned operetta in the genre.

The company’s longtime partner, Attila Glatz Concert Productions, which has been organizing a tribute to Vienna for decades, has become an ally. Nor were they able to hold their usual New Year’s parties. Thus, the operetta concert, now called A Tribute to Vienna and Budapest, was recorded at Pest Vigadó on October 3, 2020, with the other ally, the Budapest Opera Theater for Ballet and Orchestra and its soloists, Monica Fischel, Diana Kiss, Zelvi Zinde. , Zsolt Vadász, with Attila Erdős and Péter Laki, under the direction of László Makláry and chief music director, Gyula Pfeiffer.

The most successful and most famous songs were Imre Kálmán, Ferenc Lehár and Johann Strauss, which caused great joy to the Hungarian audience at the last minute live concert, and later to viewers who watched the recording online. kiss- b. Attila, general manager of the Operetta Theater in Budapest, said at the press conference that it was the goal, the pursuit of the highest standards, that guided the company in the live concert, and the stakes were greater, because they knew that this production would reach millions abroad.

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Through the online platform Stellar, Salute to Vienna – Attila Glatz Concert Productions has already made this cultural experience possible for visitors to attend concert venues in 42 major US cities and 15 Canadian cities, drawing on its permanent audience. Popular venues like Winspear Center (Edmonton), Coral Springs Center for the Arts (Coral Springs), New Jersey State Theater (New Brunswick), Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts (Hartford), Providence Center for the Performing Arts (Providence), Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall (Sarasota), and Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (Philadelphia), Kravis Center for the Performing Arts (West Palm Beach)), Adrienne Arsht Center (Miami), Roy Thomson Auditorium (Toronto), Symphony Center (Chicago), Place des Arts (Montreal), and Music Center Strathmore (Washington) ), and last but not least the New York-i-Lincoln Grand Center.

The sequel: TV audience and tour

The recording of the concert was so popular that PBS, America’s public service television, would broadcast it in 43 states of the United States, on about 300 channels, starting August 14, 2021, for a period of three years, so the Hungarian operetta would be in prime time. In America – Attila Glatz, owner and director of Attila Glatz Concert Productions, reported at a press conference. Maura Dali Finney, Vice President of PBS, sent a video message to the press conference on July 29, expressing her happiness to be able to broadcast the wonderful melodies of the operetta and a large-scale concert from Budapest once again.

Both before and after the show, Operettissima and PBS present Hungary and Hungary news, thanks to support and short films from the Hungarian Tourism Agency and the Hungaricum Commission, thus gaining more popularity in Hungary.

All this was enhanced by the Autumn Tour 2022, organized by Operettissima with Attila Glatz Concert Productions, with the artists of the Budapest Operetta Theater, focusing on the operetta genre and within the Hungarian operetta, Johann Strauss: Bat (where Hungarian csárdás was one of the hits), Ferenc Lehár: After the merry widow and Puskás, the most famous Hungarian, presents the works of Imre Kálmán: Queen Csárdás.

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Fall Tour 2022 locations:

  • Chicago: October 5, 2022
  • Cleveland: October 7, 2022
  • Baltimore: October 8, 2022
  • New York: October 9, 2022
  • Boston: October 11, 2022
  • Montreal: October 13, 2022
  • Toronto: October 15, 2022

In all these venues, the Operettissima will present not only Hungarian operetta, but also other Hungarian operas, within an exhibition setting: by promoting the built environment, innovation, folk traditions and gastronomy, we offer insight into the values ​​of Hungary, conquering millions. To be interested or a tourist. Also visit Hungary.

At the press conference, Peter Feketi, Minister of State for Culture (Ministry of Human Resources), emphasized the importance of cultural mediators, and the prominent role of both Budapest Opera Theater and Opera Theater in bringing Hungarian operetta to the public.

The Minister of Agriculture, István Nagy, Chair of the Hungarikum Committee, also emphasized his support for the tour as he considers the values ​​important, especially those that we Hungarians remember about foreign visitors. “The operetta is a prominent star among them,” the minister said.

The culture of music, dance, lifestyle and handicrafts are the strongest guardians of our national characteristics, helping us position ourselves among the nations of the world with our values ​​in mind and representing our values, traditions, customs and moderation. towards bridging linguistic differences. Our taste buds.

A short film about the Hungarian Tourism Agency and the Hungarian Commission Here can be seen.

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