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Operational fleet: The UK’s ban on landing aircraft has been lifted

Operatív törzs: beléphetnek egymás országaiba a csehek, a szlovákok és a magyarok

The ban on landing on civilian aircraft departing from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Hungary was lifted on Wednesday, the deputy head of the Corps Emergency Center told the virus at an online press conference on Wednesday.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kess, according to a government decree published in the Hungarian newspaper on Tuesday, Hungary’s international airports will be able to receive passenger aircraft departing from the UK, whether scheduled or unscheduled, starting Wednesday.

He emphasized that the landing ban did not affect entry restrictions, so Hungarians arriving in Hungary in passenger traffic from the UK are automatically isolated on the basis of a statutory quarantine obligation, even without a specific administrative decision from the epidemiological authority.

He explained that, on Tuesday, the police took measures against 215 people for neglecting the duty to wear a mask, 190 of them for violating the municipality’s decision to wear a mask in settlements with a population of more than ten thousand. Of these, 42 were warned, 57 were immediately fined, and the police reported 91.

On public transport and in their waiting areas, measures were taken in five cases on Tuesday for infrequent wearing of masks. Police officers took action against 20 people in shops and malls because they did not wear the mask or did not wear it properly.

Since the entry into force of the government decree on protective measures on September 21, 17,939 measures have been taken for non-compliance with the obligation to wear a mask.

Violations of the rules relating to shops, restaurants, accommodations and leisure facilities have so far required 685 police actions, of which 189 are actions caused by the operator or owner, and 496 do not comply with the rules for opening and staying in a limited store.

According to Robert Case, police took action against 366 people on Tuesday for violating the curfew, five other people did not follow dog-walking rules, and eight people acted because they gathered or gathered in public places despite the ban. The curfew came into effect on November 4, and was replaced by the curfew on November 11; As of 4 November, police officers had to take action against 21,863 criminals.

On Tuesday, police took action 55 times for violating rules for crossing through Hungary. Since the government decree on entry restrictions entered into force on September 1, police have taken action against 9,214 people for violating the rules.

Robert Case also said that 2,590 official home quarantines were released on Monday. Currently, there are 20,657 in official home quarantine, 2,465 of them have been registered in the mobile application developed for online examination. Police conducted 9,765 on-site checks for those in official home quarantine on Tuesday.

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