Operational crew: We are re-accepting passengers from the UK

Operational crew: We are re-accepting passengers from the UK

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Lt. Col. Robert Case announced at a press conference for the Operations Court on Tuesday that a recent government decision lifted the ban on civil aircraft from the UK as of midnight Tuesday.

Passengers are subject to the quarantine rules in place.

Chief Medical Officer Cecilia Muller explained that another 39,000 vaccines arrived in the country on Tuesday, and there are enough vaccines to vaccinate a total of 78,875 people in Hungary.

Cecilia Muller announced that vaccines will also be sent to hospitals, where workers will be vaccinated under the supervision of the foundation’s president. In addition to health care workers, they are also preparing to vaccinate workers in residential social enterprises. He also expected the vaccination teams to be vaccinated locally so that the elderly would have to leave their usual environment.

According to Cecilia Muller, they will be able to expand the circle in a few days.

I asked RTL when to start vaccination for social workers. Cecilia Muller replied that a new shipment will arrive every week and social workers will start vaccinating as a result, but it will also affect how well the preferred group (health workers) are vaccinated.

The HVG asked: What is the reason for receiving vaccination between the ages of 18 and 59 with an underlying disease later than law enforcement personnel?

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According to Cecilia Muller, they are at greater risk and care for vulnerable people.

The HVG also asked if there is a time limit for vaccination kits, or can health workers be vaccinated even in March?

According to the chief medical officer, this shouldn’t happen because healthcare workers realize they need to apply for the vaccine first. They are of the opinion that the desire to be vaccinated increases after the initial uncertainty, but there is no time limit for how long the group will be inoculated. It is possible to get vaccinated later.

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