Operatív törzs: hamis sms-ekkel hívják oltási időpont foglalásra a lakosságot

Operational Authority: Residents are called by fake SMS to book a vaccination appointment

The appointment system has started, and whoever can use it, they received an SMS about it yesterday. At the same time, residents receive SMS messages with the same content from an unknown foreign phone, presumably registered in the UK, where they are also called to book a vaccination appointment, said Robert Case, Lt. Col.

Robert Case drew attention to the fact that the SMS sent by the National Immunization Working Group does not come from a phone number of foreign origin and the vaccine information can be seen in the name of the contact. Everyone was asked to ignore SMS about unmarked vaccinations from a foreign phone number. He also said that the Operations Court is investigating the origin of the text messages with the participation of law enforcement agencies.

Agnes Galgoci, head of the epidemiology department at NNK, reiterated the current epidemiological data. He noted that the positive data is partly due to the ongoing vaccination campaign.

Thursday stats

The number of new infections reached 3,607, bringing the total number of identified infections to 760,967 since the beginning of the epidemic. The majority of deaths were 214 of the elderly and chronic patients, bringing the number of deaths to 26,001. The number of people who have been cured is constantly increasing, currently 469,592, and the number of active infected has decreased to 265,374. 7,507 people infected with coronavirus were hospitalized, 876 of whom are on ventilators.

He also warned that opening the balcony is not the end of the pandemic, and procedures must continue to be followed.

He asked those who had not yet registered to apply for the vaccine, who would have the opportunity to use it.

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