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Operates one of Bethesda’s top studios in Indiana Jones – we’ve actually got our first favorite!

Operates one of Bethesda's top studios in Indiana Jones - we've actually got our first favorite!

One of the biggest news of 2020 was that ZeniMax, which also owns Bethesda Softworks, has been acquired by Microsoft / Xbox Game Studios. After that everyone was worried about what would happen to the Bethesda games, but in addition to Bethesda Game Studios working on The Elder Scrolls VI, Dethlope is coming from Arkane, ID Software pushes the Doom wagon even further, the machine games don’t even rest, in fact game development New Indiana Jones! You can see a first fan of this below.

Bethesda is official Twitterén The next teaser appeared with the big announcement. According to the publisher, this would be a brand new and original Indiana Jones story, so it wouldn’t be related to the movie trilogy or its sequels, more precisely, it wouldn’t be an adaptation of it. This also belongs to the recently unveiled Lucasfilm Games brand, and it’s not just about MachineGames, the developer of Wolfenstein games, but Todd Howard, the creative director of the studio that makes Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, an Indiana Jones will be on the staff list as the producer. The main project. However, Bethesda hasn’t revealed more than that yet, so we don’t know for sure what kind of game it is (Tomb Raider- or Uncharted-like Action-Adventure and open-world role-playing games, nor the story-centered FPS that Wolfenstein is). Shut down).

Although Bethesda hasn’t revealed much about the story yet and has warned that he won’t be publishing details about Indiana Jones recently, there are more details in its favor than it is eloquent. Twinfinite Highlighted. Thus, for example, the plane ticket in joke, which shows the year 1937 and the name of the city of Rome, is interesting. The complete history may also be eloquent: October 21, 1937 It is a historical fact that after 7 days in Rome, top Nazi leaders, including Rudolf Hesse and Victor Lutz, celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the Roman invasion of the fascist leader Benito Mussolini and the Berlin-Rome axis, this is it German-Italian Alliance.

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In that paper, the author of the article also discovered on a typewriter in the video that the hard-to-read writing tells that someone (certainly the protagonist – archaeologist – adventurer) will be excavating in Rome. But traitors to the Vatican maps that also appear on the virtual camera. So Rome would be one of the prime locations in Indiana Jones, and Indy would take on the German Nazis and Italian fascists in 1937. It wouldn’t be far from MachineGames, who also had to get rid of a (robot) army of Nazis in the Wolfenstein Games.

Of course, there are also books in the hobbyist indicating that the professor researches ancient European stone circles (such as Stonehenge). Around Rome, on Piccolo San Bernardo Hill, there is one, and in many countries on the ancient continent, their origins are shrouded in a haze mysterious enough to be discovered in an action and adventure game.

If you have any other interesting joke stuff, don’t keep it to yourself!

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