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Opening of the Circus Arts Library in Budapest – kultú

Opening of the Circus Arts Library in Budapest – kultú

The International Circus Arts Library of the Hungarian Circus Arts Museum, Library and Archive opened its doors at the 2nd Circus Book Festival organized on the occasion of World Science Day.

At the opening ceremony of the library, Peter Fickett, Director General of the National Center for Circus Arts, Professor. doctor. Cut by Peter Kiesel, Head of Department and Director of the Institute of Library and Information Sciences ELTE BTK, and Emesi Jo, Head of the Hungarian Circus Museum, Library and Archives.

The second Circus Library Festival kicked off with a spectacular production, an impressive performance by artist-parrot trainer Volodymyr Gorodetsky.

“Our dream has reached an era, where we can be part of an international success story, where more and more Hungarian and international circus art books and museum relics are being presented to the Science Museum across Europe. They are doing all this because they are… We are certain that we hold them in high esteem and make the volumes and objects of Hungarian, international and world circus history accessible and searchable to the public.” He added: “As a result, the State General Collection – a year after the thousandth classified volume was placed on the shelves – is now organized with four thousand circus books and more than Ten thousand patrols.

Professor Dr. We can be part of a special occasion,” highlighted Peter Kissel, Department Head and Director of the ELTE BTK Institute for Library and Information Sciences in his speech..

“The circus and the library seem to be two distant stars in the sky, but in the past eight years, in close collaboration between the two institutions, we have demonstrated that they are indeed organizations connected to each other. They both foster creativity and help enjoyment, and research, development and innovation in the arts and sciences is unthinkable without either of them. It is not “It’s a warehouse, it’s a busy community space, and it’s a great science museum.” The Director of the Institute of Library and Information Sciences at ELTE BTK added: “We did not think that such a great success could be achieved in such a short time, as a model and reference world library, museum and historical archive, and a real state of the art public collection has now been created in Europe.”

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The event also witnessed the signing ceremony of the agreement between circus arts libraries. The agreement was signed by Camilla Riedel, Acting Dean of Budapest Circus and Contemporary College, and Denis Gabor Kovacs, Director of the Vocational High School, High School, Technical School and Primary School of the Paros Imre Academy of Performing Arts and Performing Arts. And so is Peter Fickett, general manager of the Capital Circus.

ELTE BTK Institute of Library and Information Sciences is the oldest and largest training and research facility in the field of library and information sciences in Hungary. From the beginning, the Institute cooperates with the National Center for Circus Arts in order to make as many people aware of the scientific work taking place there. As part of this, they hold joint student external classes and carry out extensive research activities, the results of which are presented at Hungarian and international conferences and in scientific publications. An important pillar of inter-institutional cooperation is the conduct of vocational training, because the Scientific Exhibition of the National Center for Circus Arts also serves as a training venue.

The National Center for Circus Arts is the national institution of the Hungarian Circus Arts, where, in addition to the performing arts and long-term artist training activities, academic work has also been continuing since 2019. After four years of preparation, on 10 November 2022, on the occasion of World Science Day, the National Center for Circus Arts was officially established. Scientific Museum of Circus Arts. The International Specialized Library, open to the public and free, also functions as a community and research space. The Foundation’s mission is to research, protect heritage, collect, process and display Hungarian and Hungarian circus history, as well as international circus history relating to Hungary. International Museum materials are currently approx. It preserves 35,000 artifacts – costumes, props, posters, photographs, film scores and works of art – some of which can be seen in the exhibitions of the Budapest Grand Circus. In the International Library’s collection, specialized volumes and periodicals can be read in 20 different languages, as well as circus program manuals, artist training examination papers, and sheet music for circus orchestras. The archive contains a large amount of Hungarian manuscripts and documents available to researchers, artists, circus professionals and interested parties. The International Circus Arts Library can be visited free of charge on Mondays from 12:00 to 16:00 and on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 14:00.

In the coming period, the Cincotta site of the National Center for Circus Arts will continue to expand with archives, a costume store and a museum storeroom.

Photo: Capital Circus/Adam Urban

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