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Opel shows how to tune the new Astra

Opel shows how to tune the new Astra

The new generation Astra may not be a sports version in the traditional sense, but this does not mean that it cannot be tuned, and now Opel has shown how this should be done.

Since its first generation, the Astra has always had a sports version, and the GSi and OPC models have gathered a large fan base, however, they may feel a little lost, because Opel does not plan a top model of the new generation. The most powerful version will be the plug-in hybrid, in which the performance of the 1.6-liter turbo engine has been increased to 180 hp using an electric motor.

Even without a sports model, the Astra can be tuned, and this unique concept shows how it should be done.

There is no problem with the compact five-door, so this time they did not touch the body, and the Astra also looks good with the factory bumper, which is decorated in traditional gray-black Opel colors.

The air suspension system adds maximum benefit to the Astra mode, as you can lower the car’s belly almost to the asphalt

With keys on the remote control. The set of 20-inch alloy wheels is great too, but it doesn’t have a European-type certification, so the Astra can only be used for show purposes, not on public roads.

The concept will be shown at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium this weekend, and if you’d like to see it, you can do so at the Wörthersee Tuning Car Summit on September 17.

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