Opal miners in Australia – the last knights of fortune?

Women’s Journal 2021/35. Square jigsaw of a figure.

Coober Pedy at the end of the world in the Simpson Desert in South Australia. Fourteen thousand kilometers from Europe, an almost unknown point on the globe is extraterrestrial. After the center of the world. Forty nations live together under the opal and treasure-hunting spell, from Greek to Chinese, Italian to Serbian. Written by Anna Anna Nagy.

Thousands (what thousands?), tens of thousands of coincidences brought me to this place, it would be too long to say. Sure enough, a week ago in Sydney, I had no idea there was an opal mining settlement called Coober Pedy in Australia at all, and who lived. But man is just a person driven by the desire for adventure. and curiosity. I have come.

A person who told me about the place told me in a cafe in Sydney: Coober Pedy is Australia’s Wild West. That there are tons of agate hidden underground. They are frantic characters, people from all kinds of nations live and reside there, and they have long been ruled only by the absolute law of fist. With indigenous tribes and black wizards…, and wild country, and savages if you go there, you better take care of yourself!

Well, that was enough for me.

The station buffet was the first person I met. While I was having breakfast, he sat down beside me and immediately poured my neck or ten to fifteen local stories, anecdotes. He just said, he said, he said…

At the time, I thought that this man I am seeing now for the first time in my life has plenty of time, is bored, and babbles a lot.

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