Only a tenth of US Netflix content is available in Hungary

Only a tenth of US Netflix content is available in Hungary

Well, we already have Netflix, but that’s why the titles available here are almost deleted.

Even after launching Netflix locally, we were able to quickly discover (especially those who used the service with a piracy solution abroad or perhaps from home) that there is only very little content available in Hungary compared to the international offer. Of course, that’s not very much what Netflix can do, it’s simply that most series and movies shown in the US are owned by other rights holders in Europe, so Netflix will have to “redeem” them almost individually.

Now, however, we can also see exact numbers on how far I am currently shooting in terms of the range available at home. Make a beautiful table About how many series and movies are shown in netflixes countries, which is definitely sad.

The fund, of course, is in the United States, where 1,157 series are watched as well as 4,593 “in stock” films. By comparison, the Hungarian show includes only 171 series and 548 films – by a tiny margin of one-tenth of the American selection. Of course there is worse than us, in Russia for example there are only 113 series and 509 films to choose from, and at worst there is Netflix in Morocco, with only 39 series and 118 films available. .


Those who have subscribed to the Netflix series may be disappointed, for example, that there is no House of Cards in Hungary, where AXN still owns the rights to the series on aspects of American political life.

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According to Netflix’s official announcements, the situation will of course improve, and they will try to resolve more and more content by settling the legal situation, but of course there is no exact date. Thus, if someone wants to watch content that is not available from us, they can still trick the system with some VPN service or an IP key, but these are complex (and sometimes paid) solutions or applications or do-it-yourself applications and in some cases security risks.

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