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Only a miracle could save the US government from closure – there was also a fire alarm in Congress

Only a miracle could save the US government from closure – there was also a fire alarm in Congress

According to local time, Democratic and Republican representatives are supposed to reach an agreement on the government budget by midnight on Saturday, and the chances of that are getting smaller and lower. A group of Republicans is stubborn, and warnings from members of their own party are not helping.


There is so much chaos in the Capitol that police are questioning New York Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman for raising the fire alarm, adding to the chaos in Congress.

There is no way out

The federal government is threatened with closure in the United States after Congress did not approve the institution’s budget. The deadline is midnight on Saturday, and if an agreement is not reached between Democratic representatives and Republican extremists, from midnight on Sunday there will be serious outages in basic services across the country, and more than two million active and reserve soldiers will work without pay, and service personnel will be sent The civilian is on forced leave.

The Senate is trying to save what can be saved, and in an unusual way, it also met on Saturday to vote on an additional budget package that guarantees funding for the government in the short term, until November 17. This has the support of Democratic and Republican senators.

Analysts remind us that even if what the Senate is planning works and the proposal is voted on in time (which also provides a framework for promised aid to Ukraine and handling of domestic disasters), it will not prevent a near-certain shutdown amid chaos in the House.

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On Friday, Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s latest plan collapsed due to a massive far-right insurrection.

“Congress has only one option to avoid a shutdown, and that is bipartisan action,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said. Mitch McConnell, the leader of Republican senators, also emphasized this and warned his colleagues on the far right that there would be nothing to be gained from shutting down the federal government.

Three times in the past decade, the American legislature has run out of time, and the federal institutional system has ground to a halt for a short period of time. This will be the fourth time.

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