Only 11 new coronaviruses have been found, but the Indian mutant is "critical" in Australia

Only 11 new coronaviruses have been found, but the Indian mutant is “critical” in Australia

“We are fighting with a highly contagious virus type that is spreading much faster than we’ve seen before, so if we don’t do something drastic, the place will be less controllable,” with these dramatic words. Advertise Australian Executive Prime Minister James Merlino said last night, Wednesday evening, that closure orders will be issued from midnight Thursday to a week in Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state with a population of 7 million.

At the time, they knew of a total of 26 cases, but many contacts, which is why they have opted for strict lockdowns. Despite the lockdown, the number of cases had risen to 51 by Monday morning, as authorities discovered 11 new cases in the past 24 hours. Despite the extremely low number of new cases from the outside eye, authorities are already considering extending the lockdown and criticizing the situation. Australian Executive Prime Minister James Merlino said:

“The challenge we face is very, very important: very few cases affect very many contacts. The situation is very dangerous, and the next few days will be critical. I want to make it clear to everyone that this epidemic may turn into a very bad state before it starts to improve.”

According to medical experts, the coronavirus variant detected in Australia these days, which was first identified in Idia, is likely to be much more contagious than the one previously spread in the country, where one patient was infected in one day instead of the previous five. -6 days. Since the virus has also been identified in two people working in nursing homes, there are also concerns that the disease could spread to the elderly.

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The coronavirus epidemic is being treated with iron ore in Australia, and last year Victoria imposed one of the strictest and longest-running exit restrictions in the world. Only 22,275 cases have been found in the country since the start of the epidemic and 910 have died from the disease caused by the virus.


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