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Online voting for the best athletes in 2022 has begun

Online voting for the best athletes in 2022 has begun

György Szöllősi reminded him that in 2022, unparalleled sporting successes are born. For men, for example, the nominees include an Olympic champion and several world champions who have triumphed in Olympic numbers.

MSÚSZ is awarding the Sporting Moment of the Year award for the third time page, fans can vote for the list prepared by the association and the experts of the sports channel until 10 am on Friday 30 December. On the basis of the three-person shortlist, the already invited specialists decide the winner. You can apply for the award for the best entertainment sports event of the year until December 20, and the winners will be decided by the MSÚSZ presidency, as well as who will receive the award for the best eSportsman of the year.

For athletes with disabilities, winners are announced in three categories. The list of candidates is compiled by the Hungarian Paralympic Committee, and the final ranking is determined by specialists and writers invited by the MPB. Coach who deals with disabled athletes, István Brozcina, has been nominated for Coach of the Year.

Sports Moments of the Year (Nominees):
Last seconds of the K&H Liga Men’s Handball Final, Miklós Rosta’s goal
The grand start of the Giro d’Italia in Hungary
Sepsi OSK, as the first team from Székelyföld, won the Romanian Football Cup
Dániel Gazzag’s goal in Wolverhampton’s 4-0 win over England in a Nations League match
Silver Medal of the European Sports Historic Championship Luca Kozak in the 100m hurdles
Kristoffer Zakariasen’s goal in the Europa League match against Monaco gives Ferencváros a group victory
Liu Shawang’s victory in the 500m in Beijing, which gave him the first individual Winter Olympics gold medal for Hungary
Christophe Melak’s world record at the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest
Parasport shooter Csaba Rescsik gets his first Paralympic Games share in Paris
Decisive fight of Oron Szilagay, who won the individual world championship final

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Online voting for the best athletes in 2022 started on Friday – members of the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association (MSÚSZ) can vote for the 65th time. György Szöllősi, President of MSÚSZ, presented the lists on the current channel M1.

Nominees (in ABC order):
Bence Halasz (athletics)
Norbert Case (motorsport)
Baldwin (kayak)
Hubert Koss (swimming)
Liu Shawang (short track speed skating)
Christophe Melack (swimming)
Ismail Musukajev (wrestling)
Salem Omar (Taekwondo)
Áron Szilágyi (fencing)
Attila Walter (bike)
Zsofia Fegyverneky (basketball)
Julius Michel (five)
Rita Kestele-Nagy (water polo)
Zsovia Kovacs (gymnastics)
Luke Cusack (athletics)
Kőhalmi Emese (kayak)
Victoria Madaras (athletics)
Viktoria Mihályvári-Farkas (swimming)
Petra Sinanski (swimming)
Fes Cata Blanca (bike)

Team of the Year (Individual Team Sports Competition):
Bragato Giada, Bianca Nagy (kayak)
Men’s 4×200 relay (swimming)
Men’s Sword Team
Five men’s team
Blanca Kiss, Anna Lucze (kayak)
Pence Ndas, Balint Kopasz (Kayak)
Women’s Sword Team
Open water medley relay (swimming)
Short track mixed sprint relay
Pines Sabo, Kalman Furko (rowing)

Team of the Year (Traditional Teams):
Ferencvaros, men’s soccer team
Men’s ice hockey team
Men’s soccer team
Men’s water polo team
FTC-Telekom, men’s water polo team
Gyor-Ude ETO KC, women’s handball team
Women’s ice hockey team
Women’s volleyball team
Women’s water polo team
Sopron Basket, women’s basketball team

Attila Biro, captain of the women’s water polo team
Lina Csang Csing and Ákos Bánhidi are the short track speed skating team coaches
Stanislav Cherchesov, head coach of Ferencváros football team
Andras Desi, head coach of the men’s fencing team
Erin Demeter (kayak), Balint Kopassz coach
David Gaspar, head coach of the Suprun Basket women’s basketball team
Coach István Pruzsina (para kayak-canoe), Pal Peter Case, and Tamas Juhasz
Marco Rossi, captain of the men’s national soccer team
Zsolt Varga, coach of FTC-Telekom and national captain of the men’s water polo team
Balázs Virth (swimming), coached by Kristóf Milák

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Disabled athletes:
Laszlo Barna (Snowboarding, Special Olympics)
Baxi Bernat (Table Tennis and Organ Transplant)
Oliver Czinkan (Athletics, Organ Transplant)
Bens Foldy (Bike, Deaflympics)
Robert Gilensaire (Athletics, Transplant)
László Hegedűs (Boccia, Paralympics)
Tamas Juhasz (kayak, Paralympic Games)
Peter Pal Case (kayak, Paralympics)
Tamas Mihalovic (athletics, organ transplant)
Richard Osvath (wheelchair fencing, Paralympics)
Mira Piatovsky (Sports Shooting, Deaflympics)
Christina David (Sports Shooting, Paralympic Games)
Eva Hajmasi (wheelchair fencing, Paralympics)
Zofia Konkoli (Swimming, Paralympics)
Pap Bianka (Swimming and Paralympics)
Patricia Surnyák (Shoe Skateboarder, Special Olympics)
Alexandra Sabo (Bucci, Paralympics)
Svitacs Alexa (Table Tennis, Paralympics)
Irma Toth (table tennis and organ transplant)
Ferris Amarilla (wheelchair fencing, Paralympics)
a team:
Table tennis men’s doubles (organ transplantation)
Mixed Doubles Table Tennis (Organ Transplant)
Bokia Team (wheelchair)
Combined Bowling Team (Mental Disabled, Special Olympics)
Mixed double nets (wheelchair)
Combined Team Handball (Intellectually and able-bodied players together, Special Olympics)
Al Saif team on a wheelchair for men
Women’s wheelchair fencing team
Volleyball team (implanted)
Orientation relay (Deaflympic)

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