OnePlus 11 concept received cold liquid cooling

As expected, the OnePlus 11 Concept smartphone was unveiled at MWC, with a rather unique design and proprietary cooling system.

Before anyone gets too excited, we need to calm things down a bit. As the name suggests, the OnePlus 11 Concept is a concept phone, which means it won’t be mass-produced in this form. Its main purpose is to show what the manufacturer is compared to. However, there is a chance that the technology will be used in another mobile phone later on.

The so-called “Active CryoFlux” active cooling system makes the device unique, which most often tries to imitate gaming computer solutions. Underneath the back plate, there is a very thin tube system where a piezoelectric ceramic micro-pump circulates the fluid. The transparent back panel and LED lighting make everything look amazing. (This type of active liquid cooling should not be confused with the passive vapor chamber solution typically used in phones.)

In addition to looking great, the advantage of the development is that the phone heats up less under heavy load, thus it is possible to get the most out of the hardware. In practice, the difference is not amazing, the frame rate may increase by a few while playing, and the charging speed may also increase by a maximum of 1 minute.

Update: In the MKBHD video, you can take a closer look at the phone, and you can see very well how the cooler spins inside. However, the videographer also draws attention to the fact that in reality this particular cooling is not really working yet, the concept of a mobile phone mostly serving marketing purposes at the moment.

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