OneDrive has been revamped with photo editing

OneDrive has been revamped with photo editing

The novelty first appeared in the Android application and browser interface.

Silently, long-awaited improvements have been made to Microsoft’s free cloud storage, OneDrive mobile app and browser interface, which now allows you to edit saved photos. Of course, the company will also bring innovations to Apple mobile devices later this year, plus it’s currently only in play in consumer user accounts.

Microsoft OneDriveSource: Microsoft

Presumably you don’t have to think of a mobile type of Photoshop, OneDrive’s photo editing features include mirroring, rotating, manual cropping, and cropping to a preset aspect ratio, as well as brightness, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, And color means temperature and tone adjustment. These cover almost typical needs, although some will likely miss preset filters, image sharpening, and red-eye removal.

Another new feature in the app is that photos and videos can be streamed directly from your mobile to Chromecast devices for easy viewing on your TV.

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