One thing is certain about Trump's presidential ambitions: This fight will be different than it was in 2016

One thing is certain about Trump’s presidential ambitions: This fight will be different than it was in 2016

Donald Trumpbetween 2016 and 2020 United State its boss he loudly reapplied for the position, but perhaps he should have done it more quietly – the former commented businessman And the Chief of state Announcement November 15 by Edward Luce, a financial times Advertising. After the midterm elections earlier this month, in which Democrats suffered a narrow defeat, the announcement was music to their ears.

The votesupported by Trump republican The candidates performed poorly, and they indicated that if the former president becomes the Republican presidential candidate in the 2024 presidential election, there is a good chance that the Democratic candidate will win. They may be right on this account, the British business newspaper writer believes. It’s a big question whether the Maga (Make America Great Again) movement will be better off without its founder at the helm for the next couple of years. Presidential election for his fight.

The fact that while they have had to campaign against economic headwinds in recent months, as the economic crisis has made life difficult for voters, is expected to be better in two years could be a bone of contention for Democrats. The Recession, What experts predict for 2023, it will be over by then, ie inflation It is expected that he will back down, and if they also win the presidential elections, they will have every reason to be satisfied.

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The true leader will be revealed

As usual, Trump attacked the two politicians, Ron DeSantis of Florida and Glenn Youngkin of Virginia, who could be opponents in the Republican primary race. Both are Trumps, suggesting that defeating the former president requires convincing his followers that he is no longer their true leader. This requires a strainer. The result of attacks on opponents may be that they also announce their candidacy, which promises a protracted campaign within the party, which, knowing Trump, is not good. Republicans probably won’t miss this.

However, he has been crossed out several times in favor of Trump, which has so far been proven wrong. For example, in 2016, no one expected him to win the Republican primary, let alone win the presidential election. In the political sense, he also escaped the fact that his supporters looted Congress Although this seemed impossible at the time.

missing arguments

Trump ran for president in 2016 as a dark horse without a political background that helped him embody the hopes of those disillusioned with Washington’s elite. It is now the same as all politicians: there are arguments for and against – Anthony Zurcher, BBC North American Correspondent. If he escapes accountability for the Jan. 6 riots by his supporters, riots in the halls of Congress burn in the minds of American voters, and become the Republican presidential nominee, his Democratic rival will surely remind people of that in his televised ads.

Although the former already As a real estate investor He was also considered a master of litigation, which has not changed since then. Several criminal and civil investigations are being conducted against him, and it is believed that he wants to put pressure on the legal service by announcing his candidacy. So you can set up the actions as a campaign of political revenge. It is also a serious challenge, according to the BBC specialist, who, compared to his active opponents in 2016 within the party, may now face real challengers, especially in the person of DeSantis, who is more than 30 years his junior, and won the Florida gubernatorial election by a large margin.

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He was not younger

On the day the former president signed on, a poll by a conservative political group showed DeSantis with a 20 to 30 percent advantage over him in the popularity race in several states. Of course, he has refuted similar negative judgments on other occasions.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget that he will be 78 years old in the year of the election. His age may prevent him from campaigning as vigorously as he did at the age of 70 in 2016 against much younger competition. He appears to be in good shape, but there are limits to human physical performance.

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