Oltásra kötelezte mind a 32 ezer dolgozóját a világ egyik legnagyobb autógyártója

One of the world’s largest automakers has ordered all 32,000 workers to be vaccinated

The second-largest US automaker said Wednesday that more than 84 percent of paid American employees have already been vaccinated. The company has set a deadline to comply with federal labor guidelines.

“The health and safety of our employees remains our top priority, and it has been extremely encouraging to us that our employees support compliance, including over 84 percent of US paid employees who have already been vaccinated,” Ford said in a statement.

“As we continue to take measures to protect our team, Ford will now require a complete vaccination of the majority of US paid employees against the coronavirus by December 8, which is also in line with federal action guidelines,” he said. Reuters Company contacts.

Ford said that salaried workers who refuse to be vaccinated and do not receive approved medical or religious exemption can be sent on unpaid leave of up to 30 days.

Three major Detroit automakers — the parent company of General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Stellantes NV — said last month they would make vaccination mandatory at Canadian automakers.

On Wednesday, Stellants said it would “continue to monitor the situation and in cooperation with (United Auto Workers), evaluate further measures to ensure the health and safety of workers.”

Similar rules have been introduced in the US as in Orbán’s government in Hungary: Employers can require workers to take the vaccine, or else they can be sent on unpaid leave or suspended. There is no obligation on the state.

In Hungary, car manufacturers have not yet reported making this mandatory.

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