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One of the wonders of the world is in danger! Irreparable damage will be caused by the giant tunnel he will pass near

One of the wonders of the world is in danger!  Irreparable damage will be caused by the giant tunnel he will pass near

The tunnel that will pass near Stonehenge, part of a world heritage site, has been given the green light by the UK government.

The UK government has approved the construction of an underground highway near Stonehenge for the second time. They have done all this despite strong opposition from archaeologists and cultural heritage expert groups to the plans.

The investment is equivalent to approximately 745 billion Hungarian forints

It aims to reduce traffic on the A303, which is currently so congested that congestion for several hours is common.

After the first round of approval, the plans underwent such a comprehensive review that the Planning Inspectorate strongly advised the government against further investment. The current decision also shocked the Stonehenge Association, and the UNESCO World Heritage Committee also condemned the current form of the project, and even said:

Stonehenge will be added to the List of World Heritage in Danger if investment continues.

As is known, UNESCO had already expressed its concern about the project in September 2021. They believed it.

It will have a negative impact on the Outstanding Universal Value of Stonehenge, Avebury and its surrounding areas.

Since Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site, any development in the area must be examined by an international organization to ensure its cultural and historical significance is protected.

Stonehenge Society president Tom Holland says the project is not only inexplicable, but shameful. From his point of view, there can be no doubt about that

The plan would cause “permanent and irreversible damage.”

However, the UK government continues to insist on the benefits of the development, which it believes outweigh the concerns raised by opponents and will ultimately help improve local communities and the country’s infrastructure.

(source: Design Boom(Photos: National Roads)

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