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One of the R6S’ most divisive game modes is back soon

One of the R6S’ most divisive game modes is back soon

An official teaser for the developers has also arrived.

For those who actively played Ubisoft’s shooter last year, we need not introduce Rengoku game mode. The LTM debuted in the season codenamed Demon Veil, and players can enjoy it from the end of April to mid-May 2022. Operators face off against each other in a slightly modified skyscraper course, Attackers are Saviors, while Defenders are renamed by the developers as The Possessed.

Rengoku was particularly successful in division, According to many, she does not really fit into the game. However, many people liked it because of the Japanese theme. The rules were relatively easy to understand. You had to fight each other in a 5v5 formation, but you also had to spend time setting fire to the altars. We can talk about a really dynamic situation, we can revive here, just like in TDM.

Game mode may be back soon!

Files previously revealed the return, but now we’ve also received an official Twitter message from the developers. Lungu, the now-retired Rainbow Six Siege developer, reported a few weeks ago that the developers are changing the usual “rules” at several points:

  • A new kunai will be introduced, which will be imbued with properties similar to the Thorn tool
  • Another kunai adds to the list, this one inspired by Grim Gadget
  • One of the guns comes out
  • Four Operators join the previous lineup: Grim, Mozzie, Hibana, and Valkyrie

The situation is expected to start at the end of June. If we had to guess, we wouldn’t be without the additional cosmetic items this time either, but the exact identity of those items can only be revealed later.

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